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Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway

Serenity by the Sea


Ready for a little getaway?  Serenity by the Sea is a nautical and romantic getaway in the Pacific Northwest.   This cozy getaway boasts a full kitchen, living room, dining area, bedroom and bath that is almost 900 sq. ft.   You’ll enjoy divine water views of Guemes Channel, Skyline Marina and Burrows Bay that abound from this second story guest quarter.

Serenity by the Sea is located in Anacortes, on beautiful Fidalgo Island, is the perfect place to stay because it offers easy access to the surrounding areas of La Conner, Whidbey Island (Coupeville, Oak Harbor & Deception Pass), and of course, the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Come RELAX , enjoy the views, walk nearby Washington Park, eat at great local restaurants, explore the islands! Serenity by the Sea is the gateway to your great get-away!


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


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nautical bedroom

A Nautical Bedroom Re-Design


Connie Nikiforoff Designs recently shared this clean lined, quiet, sand & sea colors bedroom that she completed for a very happy client.  She specializes in Interior Redesign. However, she can and has done “from scratch/clean slate/staring from square one” decorating as well.

We started with nearly a blank slate for this room. There was the king sized bed, the dresser, the blue mini-blinds and mostly stuff/junk  things we needed to remove from the room. However, Sharon did ask me to work with the existing paint colors on the wall, which was not a problem because the blue and sand colors were perfect for the nautical inspired look she requested.  Unfortunately I don’t have any ‘before’ photos.

This is the completed project. Sharon likes a clean, non-cluttered look but also likes to have accessories in the room that hold treasured memories.

nautical bedroom

nautical bedroom 2

nautical bedroom 3

nautical bedroom 4

nautical bedroom 5

Learn about all the details of this nautical bedroom redesign here

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10 Easy Beach House Decoration Ideas You Can Do Yourself!


Interior decorating is one of our favorite hobbies and very therapeutic.  Adding some traditional “beach house” elements to your home is great but you don’t want to go overboard. Here are ten easy beach house decoration ideas which are easy to incorporate into your home.

Idea #1: Collect shells, starfish, and sea treasures. If you don’t live in a coastal location, you can purchase bags of shells at your local craft store or many online sources. Display them in bowls, baskets or decorative dishes around your home.

Idea #2: Fill jars and glass containers with shells, pebbles, and sea glass. You can also create attractive displays with colored sands, and layer them.

Idea #3:  Seashells and candles go together perfectly!  Fill a glass vase with a bit of sand, seashells or starfish and water….sit floating candles on top for the perfect beach accent anytime of the year. Many home decor retailers also sell seashell candle accessories.


Idea #4
: Use shells to decorate your bathroom.  A large shell used as a soap dish is a super easy way to add a coastal touch to your bath. How about decorating your bath mirror with shells or add a seashell garland to your window.

Idea #5: Decorate with artificial grasses and bamboo stalks by placing them in vases.

Idea #6: Use beach glass and sea floats for perfect decoration. You can use beach glass in a variety of ways through out your home including displaying in decorative bowls or in the bottom of flower vases.

Idea #7: A very easy decor accent is to add a variety of textures to your rooms.  Everything from baskets, sisal rugs, bamboo items, woven blankets and blinds add that element of texture which adds interest to your decor.

Idea #8: Use wicker furniture to help create the fresh breezy feel that says “beach style”. You can purchase wicker furniture new or used. If you’re a savvy shopper you can probably find some accents pieces at garage sales and flea markets. Then grab some spray paint and fix it up. Don’t be afraid to use a fun beach color just like this sea blue colored wicker chair.


Idea #9: Go nautical! You might want to consider a different take on beach decorating by using classic nautical accents. Nautical accents are going to be inspired by boat life. They will usually take on the red, white, and blues color scheme, and are classic and fresh.


Idea #10: Decorate the outdoors too! What could be cuter than a life preserver with a special message on it?

These ten easy ideas are just a starting point to get you inspired; hopefully you will see how easily you can begin to add a bit of the beach home vibe to your home. Life’s a beach….enjoy!

Note: The photos not taken by me…click on and get info on Pinterest!

mussels coastal table accent lamp

Coastal Accent Lamps Can Transform a Room


Coastal Accent lamps are regularly utilized as decorative lighting and/or for you to illuminate small, cozy areas, such as the craft table, nursery and desk. They could additionally make a colorful or subtle ambient glow next to bookcases as well as hobby collections or in an unused corner of a home. The lamps are an effortless, as well as, affordable way to change the look and décor of the space.

Click on each lamp photo for more information…

Coastal Accent Lamp

Every place from the living room end tables to your reading corner to the bedroom nightstand on the way to your nursery could be some sort of possible position meant for an accent lamp. Coastal accent lighting fixtures are a terrific way to provide simply a little brightness along with a little character to a bedroom. A bare area on your shelf can just come to life by way of nicely positioned light.

Decorating using an accent lamp gives the look as well as feel of a professionally decorated home. Your apartment is usually your statement to the world and everyone desires the feel a comfortable yet exquisite place to call home. Decorative lamps should fit in with the design of the room. This does not mean they need to match up perfectly, though. Shade fabrics will range from, linen, silk, paper, luminescent mica, vinyl, Tiffany in addition to ornamental stained (Tiffany lamp shades) along with cut glass. Your shade attached to an accent lamp needs to extend to conceal around three-quarters of the base and should be wider than your bottom. Shades will be able to be constructed of just about any material, however the most common are usually glass silk, cotton, linen, and paper. People also find Swag lamps to be very useful.

Table lamps are available with amazing accents such as fabric fringe, beaded fringe, or pull switches. There are usually fabric shades or even glass shades from which to choose.


Original article:

  • Ocean Offerings – Unique and Distinctive Gifts & Jewelry Inspired by the Sea.

Two Toned Compass Rose Painted Dresser

Nautical Compass Rose Dresser

Two Toned Compass Rose Painted Dresser

Holly of Storywood Designs shares her thoughts on furniture, “Every piece of furniture has a story.  It has a past, it has people who’ve used it, loved it and abused it.  A piece of furniture doesn’t have to be an ornately carved antique to be priceless.  It doesn’t have to have a piece of “real” wood on it to be special.  Grandma’s 1970’s laminate-topped dresser is priceless because you remember rifling through drawers and playing with all her costume jewelry.  Grandpa’s plain and simple wooden desk is special because you remember him sitting there, paying his bills and writing letters day after day.   What makes a piece of furniture priceless, what makes it special is its story.”

Last year, Holly wrote about one of her refinishing projects titled, “Beauty and the Beast“.  “The dresser, or Beauty, as I’ve named her here, was an old reclaimed English pine piece belongs to Sherry Grooms, a local Raleigh interior designer.  This piece was Sherry’s personal piece, a piece that would be front and center in her living area in her new home.”

Two Toned Compass Rose Painted Dresser

Even though Holly is a professional furniture re-finisher she stated, “I may paint and refinish furniture for a living, but I am a far cry from an artist. Painting the diamonds on the drawer front and figuring out the placement and layout of the compass rose on each end terrified me! I had nightmares of diamonds not lining up and the compass roses resembling a mish-mash mess.”

We believe that Holly’s finished project is a masterpiece!  Each end of the dresser features a two-tone compass rose.  Holly white-washed diamonds which were centered on each drawer.  “Each diamond had to line up and look symmetrical… horizontally and vertically on the dresser.”

Two Toned Compass Rose Painted Dresser

Learn more about this beautiful Nautical Compass Rose Dresser project at Storywood Designs.