nautical bedroom

A Nautical Bedroom Re-Design


Connie Nikiforoff Designs recently shared this clean lined, quiet, sand & sea colors bedroom that she completed for a very happy client.  She specializes in Interior Redesign. However, she can and has done “from scratch/clean slate/staring from square one” decorating as well.

We started with nearly a blank slate for this room. There was the king sized bed, the dresser, the blue mini-blinds and mostly stuff/junk  things we needed to remove from the room. However, Sharon did ask me to work with the existing paint colors on the wall, which was not a problem because the blue and sand colors were perfect for the nautical inspired look she requested.  Unfortunately I don’t have any ‘before’ photos.

This is the completed project. Sharon likes a clean, non-cluttered look but also likes to have accessories in the room that hold treasured memories.

nautical bedroom

nautical bedroom 2

nautical bedroom 3

nautical bedroom 4

nautical bedroom 5

Learn about all the details of this nautical bedroom redesign here

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