Beachcombers DIY Coastal Craft Shelve

Coastal DIY Project: Nature Shelves

Hi.. welcome to another week.

After a record high temperature in Sydney last week of 45-46 degrees celsius (114 fahrenheit)! we’ve been enjoying cooler weather this weekend. At least the nights haven’t been too hot, so we can be thankful for that.

This is something I’ve been thinking about making for ages. A place to keep small treasure and beach finds. The idea is from a book I’ve had for a long time and still love the simple coastal style of it.

Easy to make… I used some old wooden bed slats I found a while ago, i knew they’d come in handy one day. I bought the rope from a discount shop. I measured the pieces of timber to length and marked where I wanted holes to be drilled, then handed them over to the live in carpenter ;) The bottom shelf is the longest, mine is 62cm 24″. The middle shelf one inch shorter and the top shelf one inch shorter than that.  The holes need to be drilled slightly larger than the rope.  I painted them with primer and a few coats of water based paint.



I measured 4 lengths of rope then threaded it through the holes, knotting below the shelves, then knotting them all together at the top. I did this on the floor, it takes a bit of time to get all the lengths even. The distance between the shelves is about 21cm 8″.


I like them filled with simple, natural finds – pebbles, shells, feathers, string and rope. It reminds me of the walls of a boatshed or beach hut.

Have a great week!
Cheryl of Beachcomber



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