Nautically Unique Bathroom Ideas

hot pick nautical ships wheel sink

Nautically unique bathrooms can be over-the-top or subdued.  Depending on your location, personal taste and color scheme…there really is something for everyone.   Most of  today’s bathroom examples stick with a beachy blue color palette; however a few gravitate to the sandy tones of a walk on the beach.  Whatever your preference, make your beach bathroom work for you.

The colors of the surrounding region were the inspiration for this beach bathroom in Santorini.

Beautiful beach bathroom in Santorini

Wow – A truly tropical beach bathroom design.

beach tropical bathroom design

A concrete bathroom sink is modernized with sea glass.

concrete sea glass bath sink

This beach bathroom’s walls are covered with old world maps and a coordinating shade.

old map bathroom wallpaper

What’s your opinion about this Mosiac Tile Shower Stall?

Mosiac Tile Beach Bathroom


Less is more in this bath design…sea glass hues are simply combined with shell accents.

ocean bathroom design

Lance Jordan ~ Three dimensional Beach Bathroom Mural.

Lance Jordan Beach Bathroom Mural


A seashell chandelier creates a dream-like bathroom (and look at the view).

Beach bathroom with a view

A blue and white bath with walls of koi.

seascape bathroom walls

So which is YOUR favorite beach bathroom design?

For information on these and many other bathroom designs, visit our BEACHY BATH IDEAS board on Pinterest.



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