Coastal Kinetics: Coastal-Inspired Folk Art


Jim and Caroline Dixon grew up in my “adopted” home state of Washington.  “Growing up along the Georgia Strait, near the Canadian border, we experienced all the delights of coastal living; fishing, crabbing, clam digging, skipping rocks and beach combing. Many hours were spent turning over rocks and exploring the tide pools.”

This couple has taken their coastal life experiences and  turned them into coastal-inspired folk art for you to enjoy in your beach house!  All of their coastal creations are hand created and crafted in their studio.

Meet Mumbo the Blue Crab!

coastal art coastal kinetics


Coastal Kinetics exemplifies the whimsical fusion of art and mechanics.  Although we are professional artists and designers, we are inspired by the valued contributions of American folk artists. Often untrained but remarkably insightful, working in makeshift studios with limited materials, their art portrayed the cultural richness of life in rural America. We hope to carry on this time-honored tradition with our own contribution to contemporary American folk art.” ~ Jim & Caroline Dixon

Mechanical Lobster named “Lobstah!”

coastal art coastal kinetics lobstah


Isn’t “Croakette” the frog adorable?

coastal art coastal kinetics croakette


…and last, but not least…GRUNGENESS the crab!

coastal art coastal kinetics GRUNGENESS-coastalkinetics

Coastal Kinetics is a trademark of American Automata.

Purchase your one-of-a-kind Coastal Folk Art today!

See their Coastal Critter selection here>



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