Decorating: Here Come the Mermaids!

Golden Mermaid on Prince Frederick's Barge 1732


Springtime and Mermaids just go together, don’t they? (well, I don’t know if they really go together, but it works for the article).  Seriously,  mermaids are such wondrous creatures whether depicted as  Sirens of Greek mythology or in the folklore of countries around the globe.   They have been depicted in opera, paintings, books, films, and comics for thousands of years. How could you not love them, especially if you’re a lover of the sea?

The beautiful Golden Mermaid featured in the photo above is from Prince Frederick’s Barge in 1732, however if you’d like something a bit smaller for your beach house then why not add one of these lovely coastal accents from our friends at By the Seashore>

mermaid cast iron bookends from beautiful details by the seashore

mermaid mirror from beautiful details by the seashore

pink mermaids

double mermaid cast iron mirror from by the seashore

Mermaid cast iron soap dish

Are you a Mermaid lover now?

 Visit By the Seashore for more Cast Iron Mermaids>



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