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White Cottage Home Renovation

{Beach House Tour} Wonderfully White Cottage Renovation


This Danish summer home features streaming light and white decor for those of us that love simplicity in their cottages. I originally found this home over a year ago while browing the Finnish website, Kotivinkki, where they really know how to do white.  The old, run-down cottage was renovated by owners,  Peter and Cecilie (who just happens to be a designer).  Enjoy!

White interior

The house has a ton of windows!

White interior

The white interior makes the kitchen more spacious.

White interior

The kitchen cabinets are the old pharmacy-style, which were rehabilitated by Peter.

White interior

White interior

White interior

White interior

Light filtering through the screen casts a romantic glow.

 White interior

An office can be both beautiful and romantic. 

White interior

White interior

The simple bathroom exudes country romance.

 The cozy terrace

Original content – Kotivinkki  

Photos: Morten Holtum

White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Crazy for Capiz Shell Lamps

Contemporary Dining Room by Minneapolis General Contractor REFINED LLC

A capiz shell lamp provides a favorite spot in your beach house with a soft, diffused light — perfect for the bedroom, den or library.  They used to cost thousands of dollars, but are now widely available at affordable prices.  Since capiz shells reflect light, some light fixtures don’t even have a light inside; they hang like chandeliers and get their glow from other light sources.  Here are some of our favorite designs, which one is your favorite?

Lotus Flower Chandelier

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Worlds Away Croc Capiz Shell Ball Pendant

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White Capiz Shell Chandelier

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Made Goods Gemma Chandelier

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Venus Pendant Pink

Price: $423.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Pendant

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Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant, Gray

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Capiz Shell Pendants in Dining Room


the cottage for rent beach house

The Cottage in Seacrest Beach, Florida

Nestled among the family beach homes of Magnolia Cottages, THE Cottage is where you’ll want to spend your next vacation! Located in Seacrest Beach, Florida, this newer community retreat flows flawlessly with a designer’s flair, hardwood floors and an open second-floor living and dining area with eat-up bar, great kitchen and deck.

It’s the perfect place for one or two families, with baths off every bedroom and extra hall bunks. Meet your newest neighbors at the community pool or at the beach, via Magnolia Cottages private beach access.

The Cottage in Seacrest Beach Exterior

“There is no nicer house in Magnolia Cottages by the Sea! Gorgeous interior. Fabulous furniture.We love the location too, since we enjoy being in a less crowded area, but still just a short drive to restaurants, shops and attractions. We hope to visit next year!”

The Cottage in Seacrest Beach view


The Cottage at Seacrest Beach


The Cottage at Seacrest Beach


The Cottage at Seacrest Beach



The Cottage at Seacrest Beach


The Cottage at Seacrest Beach


The Cottage at Seacrest Beach


The Cottage in Seacrest pool


Gulf of Mexico Access  |  House  |  Seacrest Beach  |  3 BR  |  3.5 BA  |  Sleeps 9

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Beach House Nursery Sealife Coastal Art

Coastal Artwork for a Beach House Nursery

Beach House Nursery Art - Colors of the Sea Collection of Three

Island of Blue beautifully couples Kelly Coral’s lifelong passion for the ocean with her love of art and all things creative. She enthusiastically creates tropical and coastal watercolor designs for the heart and home, including note cards, thank you cards, and art prints – all with a focus on sustainable design.  We are proud to feature Island of Blue’s Beach House Nursery art prints to you today.

We all know that a nursery needs a crib, rocking chair and changing table; however adding the right coastal art can provide the perfect finishing touch to the design.  If you’re a beach house enthusiast, then why not decorate the nursery in the beach house style too?  By incorporating coastal artwork of sea turtles, lighthouses or crabs you’ll be creating a beach house nursery that’s ship shape!

Beach House Nursery


Beach House Nursery Nautical Lighthouses


Beach House Nursery Sealife Coastal Art


Kelly explains, “All of my pieces are hand-drawn, original artwork or archival reproductions of my artwork. I strive to use eco-friendly materials as often as possible, such as 100 percent post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled papers, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers, and tree-free papers. I only use the highest quality fine art papers for my art prints to ensure the closest match possible to the original.”

Beach house nursery fish and coral

Island of Blue donates a portion of all proceeds to The Turtle Hospital, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation in Marathon, Florida, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured sea turtles throughout the Florida Keys. Learn more about this wonderful organization through their website at

Island of Blue on Etsy

Island of Blue

Island of Blue on Facebook

Island of Blue on Twitter

a coastal cottage - beach house tour

Beach House Tour: A Coastal Cottage


Today, I’m welcoming the sunshine with this colorful coastal cottage.

Located on Tybee Island in Savannah, GA, this cottage has everything someone can wish for in a coastal cottage. It has a welcoming front porch and vibrant interiors mixed with soothing spaces. And talking about space, this is a cottage that uses every inch of it in a very smart way. Take for example the second story loft, where curtains were added to create separate sleeping areas for the kids and an extra area to play.

The main floor is open and it feels spacious, full of natural light. The kitchen in this coastal cottage is also great with its grey cabinets and honed white marble countertops.

Designed by Joel Snayd from Rethink Design Studio, this coastal cottage has that great summer feel that we often crave and wish we could find more often for our delight.

The interiors of this cottage are inspiring me to bring more color into my home during this summer! I hope it inspired you too!


Coastal Cottage

This screened porch is a great place to enjoy a sunny, bug-free afternoon. :-)

I love the 1960s vintage spun fiberglass outdoor furniture. The designer added new cushions using Sunbrella fabric.

The iron urns are most likely from the 1920s.

Living Room

The living is fun, colorful and comfortable.

Rug is from GDC Home and sofa is the “Silhouettes Sofa with Dressmaker Skirt” by Hickory Chair. The sofa pillows are Thomas Paul for Duralee with solid green back and welt cord.

The pair of rattan chairs were bought locally at a store called One Fish Two Fish. The coffee table was a vintage find and the blinds are Rio woven shades.

Dining Room

The open space connecting the dining room and kitchen, makes everything much easier when entertaining.

The light fixture above the dining room table is from Circa Lighting. The finish is antique brass. The designer painted the “hood and trim pieces” a soft pale blue to give it a more vintage cottage feel.

Chairs are by Crate & Barrel and the dining table is from Hickory Chair.


The floors are 6×12 Squall slate in a brick pattern.

Stools & Stairs

The kitchen cabinets were painted in Sterling 1591 by Benjamin Moore.

The countertop is Carrera marble with a honed finish and the kitchen stools are from Overstock.


The second story of this cottage acts as a sleeping nook and family room.

Paint Color: The floor color is Sterling 1591 by Benjamin Moore and the walls are SW Extra White 7006.


According to the designer, behind the white flowing curtains are built-in beds each adorned with a nautical reading light and built-in hideaway niches.

The curtains are from Pottery Barn.

Behind the Curtains

This is playful and vibrant. The designer used nautical pillows (2 for each bed) and hung them with hooks from Etsy.

The night stand is vintage, from the early 60s. Rug is from West Elm. The navy sheets and pillow covers are from Amy Butler’s Constanta Navy bedding collection.

Kids Play Area

The play area feels light and airy with painted gray floors and all white wall. This is a wonderful place for the kids to hangout.

The swivel rattan chairs and table are vintage finds.

Paint Color: Extra White 7006 by Sherwin Williams.

Grey & Yellow

What a wonderful way to spruce up a bathroom. From basic to fabulous!

The side table is by West Elm. The fabric used for the shower curtain is by Dwell Studio.

Adding Color

Bathroom Dimensions: roughly 6′ x 12′.

Guest Bedroom

This is a very relaxing bedroom. Small yet comfortable.

Night stand is by West Elm and the sconces are by Ralph Lauren.

Coastal Colors

The headboard was found at an antique store and then sprayed a soft grey.

Wall Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Tradewind 6218.

Between Quilts & Shells

This vintage armoire was professionally painted.

Coastal Bathroom Design

Lovely coastal decor and sconces.

Master Bedroom

This bedroom is perfect for a cottage!

The bed is vintage and the white bed spread with green trim was purchased at a local Homegoods.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams 6204 Sea Salt.


I love the classic elements found in this bathroom, such as the white marble and the claw tub.

The wall color is SW Window Pane 6210.

The mirror was found at a flea market, painted in a warm gray and then, glazed and lightly scratched with steel wool to add more patina.

Outdoor Shower

A beach cottage with an outdoor shower? This is paradise!

Light above front door is by Barn Light

The exterior paint is Sherwin Williams Dewy 6469. The trims are Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006.

The door paint color is Sherwin Williams Gladiola 6875.



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How are you guys doing today? I missed yesterday’s post because I took my weekend off to spend time with the kids. We played board games and watched hokey. My husband made a very yummy Mother’s Day dinner for us and we had a very memorable day together.

Now, I’m off to organize and clean some things around the house. That’s a job that never ends… :-)

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Solar Panels for a Beach House

  Solar Panels for beach house

Planning to purchase solar panels? Then research properly before making your pick. There are quite a few interesting variants available. But not each of the variant will be perfect for the beach houses. There are some specific Solar Photovoltaic systems available to suit the conditions perfect for beach houses. Let’s have a look at some of the best options available when planning to purchase solar panels for a beach house:


Crystalline Silicon (c-Si)

To be precise, nearly ninety percent of the world’s solar photovoltaics available presently are based on the variations of Silicon.Crystalline silicon solar panels are often considered to be the most reliable and lasts longer. However, one must remember that there many forms of Silicon being used in these Solar panels. The major difference is purity in the Silicon. But what exactly is purity in silicon depicts to? Remember, more perfect in alignment of the silicon molecules, better will be the solar cell in converting the solar energy into electricity. One must also understand the fact that the efficiency of Solar Panels goes hand in hand with extreme purity. .By the way, efficiency need not have to be of primary concern. Also, while purchasing the solar panels, it is the cost as well space efficiency that plays major role during the purchase of Solar Panels.

It is Crystalline Silicon that forms the basis of polycrystalline & mono silicon solar cells.

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

These type of solar panels were first introduced in the year of 1981. There are mainly two major types available in this variant: Poly-silicon (p-Si) & Multi-crystalline silicon (mc-Si). There is no involvement of the Czochralski process when manufacturing the polycrystalline solar panels. The raw silicon is totally melted & poured into square mold. These are then cooled and finally cut down into perfectly shaped square wafers.


  • This is definitely a much simpler procedure and have a less cost involvement. Also, it reduces the silicon wastage amount..
  • These type of solar panels also have a very minimal heat tolerance level and the performance level can deteriorate in high temperature. But that is not a thing to consider due to minor outcome. There one m Heat can affect the performance of solar panels and shorten their lifespans. However, this effect is minor, and most homeowners do not need to take it into account.




  • Due to minimal silicon purity,the polycrystalline SVs are not considered highly efficient when compared to the monocrystalline ones.
  • Also, there needs to cover up a very large surface area to utilize the similar amount of electric power that the monocrystalline silicon solar panels opt for.
  • Finally, the outlook of these solar panels are not much pleasing.



Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

There are those type of solar cells that are made from monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si). These are also referred to as Single-crystalline silicon. The most advantageous part of these cells is that they can be recognized easily. These panels have a fine outlook.


  • These solar panels usually have the best efficiency rates as they are manufactured from the best quality silicon. In general, the efficiency rate of this particular type of solar panel is near about 15-20.
  • These type of solar panels are definitely space-efficient. These type of solar panels also yield the maximum power outputs. This allows them to utilize least amount of energy for the purpose.
  • These solar panels last longer than any of the other type of solar panels available. In general, these type of solar panels come with a guarantee of 25 years.
  • These panels can perform much better in low-light conditions when compared to other solar panels available.


  • These are extremely expensive in price. Those who have a limited budget affordability, they may not find it a great option to avail.
  • If these type of solar panels somewhat gets covered (even partially) or even gets too much dirty, then there is a strong chance of letting the entire circuit facing a strong break down.
  • The monocrystalline silicons are produced using the Czochralski Process. It basically results in very large cylindrical ingots. In fact, 4 sides are cut out from the ingots to create the silicon wafers. What this does is wasting a lot of silicon.
  • These type of panels are more efficient during the summer and hotter climate. However, the performance may not be excellent when the temperature goes up to an extreme level. However, the performance is much better when compared to the other competitors available.

There are other type of solar cells like String RIbbon and Thin Film ones also available. However, they may not be much effective for the beach houses as the above mentioned ones.

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