White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Crazy for Capiz Shell Lamps

Contemporary Dining Room by Minneapolis General Contractor REFINED LLC

A capiz shell lamp provides a favorite spot in your beach house with a soft, diffused light — perfect for the bedroom, den or library.  They used to cost thousands of dollars, but are now widely available at affordable prices.  Since capiz shells reflect light, some light fixtures don’t even have a light inside; they hang like chandeliers and get their glow from other light sources.  Here are some of our favorite designs, which one is your favorite?

Lotus Flower Chandelier

Price: $162.25 | Visit Store »

Worlds Away Croc Capiz Shell Ball Pendant

Price: $412.50 |  Visit Store »


White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Price: $138.00 | Visit Store »

Made Goods Gemma Chandelier

Price: $2,039.00 | Visit Store »

Venus Pendant Pink

Price: $423.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Pendant

Price: $199.00 | Visit Store »

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant, Gray

Price: $299.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Shell Pendants in Dining Room

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