Solar Panels for a Beach House

  Solar Panels for beach house

Planning to purchase solar panels? Then research properly before making your pick. There are quite a few interesting variants available. But not each of the variant will be perfect for the beach houses. There are some specific Solar Photovoltaic systems available to suit the conditions perfect for beach houses. Let’s have a look at some of the best options available when planning to purchase solar panels for a beach house:


Crystalline Silicon (c-Si)

To be precise, nearly ninety percent of the world’s solar photovoltaics available presently are based on the variations of Silicon.Crystalline silicon solar panels are often considered to be the most reliable and lasts longer. However, one must remember that there many forms of Silicon being used in these Solar panels. The major difference is purity in the Silicon. But what exactly is purity in silicon depicts to? Remember, more perfect in alignment of the silicon molecules, better will be the solar cell in converting the solar energy into electricity. One must also understand the fact that the efficiency of Solar Panels goes hand in hand with extreme purity. .By the way, efficiency need not have to be of primary concern. Also, while purchasing the solar panels, it is the cost as well space efficiency that plays major role during the purchase of Solar Panels.

It is Crystalline Silicon that forms the basis of polycrystalline & mono silicon solar cells.

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

These type of solar panels were first introduced in the year of 1981. There are mainly two major types available in this variant: Poly-silicon (p-Si) & Multi-crystalline silicon (mc-Si). There is no involvement of the Czochralski process when manufacturing the polycrystalline solar panels. The raw silicon is totally melted & poured into square mold. These are then cooled and finally cut down into perfectly shaped square wafers.


  • This is definitely a much simpler procedure and have a less cost involvement. Also, it reduces the silicon wastage amount..
  • These type of solar panels also have a very minimal heat tolerance level and the performance level can deteriorate in high temperature. But that is not a thing to consider due to minor outcome. There one m Heat can affect the performance of solar panels and shorten their lifespans. However, this effect is minor, and most homeowners do not need to take it into account.




  • Due to minimal silicon purity,the polycrystalline SVs are not considered highly efficient when compared to the monocrystalline ones.
  • Also, there needs to cover up a very large surface area to utilize the similar amount of electric power that the monocrystalline silicon solar panels opt for.
  • Finally, the outlook of these solar panels are not much pleasing.



Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

There are those type of solar cells that are made from monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si). These are also referred to as Single-crystalline silicon. The most advantageous part of these cells is that they can be recognized easily. These panels have a fine outlook.


  • These solar panels usually have the best efficiency rates as they are manufactured from the best quality silicon. In general, the efficiency rate of this particular type of solar panel is near about 15-20.
  • These type of solar panels are definitely space-efficient. These type of solar panels also yield the maximum power outputs. This allows them to utilize least amount of energy for the purpose.
  • These solar panels last longer than any of the other type of solar panels available. In general, these type of solar panels come with a guarantee of 25 years.
  • These panels can perform much better in low-light conditions when compared to other solar panels available.


  • These are extremely expensive in price. Those who have a limited budget affordability, they may not find it a great option to avail.
  • If these type of solar panels somewhat gets covered (even partially) or even gets too much dirty, then there is a strong chance of letting the entire circuit facing a strong break down.
  • The monocrystalline silicons are produced using the Czochralski Process. It basically results in very large cylindrical ingots. In fact, 4 sides are cut out from the ingots to create the silicon wafers. What this does is wasting a lot of silicon.
  • These type of panels are more efficient during the summer and hotter climate. However, the performance may not be excellent when the temperature goes up to an extreme level. However, the performance is much better when compared to the other competitors available.

There are other type of solar cells like String RIbbon and Thin Film ones also available. However, they may not be much effective for the beach houses as the above mentioned ones.

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