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Coastal Kinetics Dancing Fish Nautical Art

New Nautical Art from Coastal Kinetics


Coastal Kinetics exemplifies the whimsical fusion of art and mechanics.  I create and construct art with movement. The action of the pieces represents their typical movement in nature. Legs move, claws pinch, all in an intriguing, fun and aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Dancing Fish is Jim Dixon’s latest coastal creation…a whimsical, wall mounted folk art piece depicting a dancing sole, cod & salmon.  It is constructed from a minimum of 90% reclaimed and upcycled materials and parts.

Coastal Kinetics Dancing Fish Nautical Art


Do you need to add this piece of Coastal Art to your beach house? (yes! yes!)

Contact Jim Dixon for availability, pricing etc.

Coastal Kinetics Folk Art Sally Lee Coastal Ad 4.19.13

Handmade Trivets

2013 American Made Nominee: Mystic Knotwork


Congratulations to our dear friends and sponsors, Matt and Jill Beaudoin, who have been nominated for the 2013 Martha Stewart American Made award.

Matt and Jill’s company, Mystic Knotworkhas been American-made since 1957.
Mystic Knotwork makes the traditional knots that connect generations. Has authenticity recognizable from the age of sail with modern color sense
Mystic Knotwork has been making traditional knotwork since 1957 Matt’s grandfather Alton Beaudoin, while a bosun’s mate in the merchant marines, started it all. Staying at the Seaman’s Church Institute while stateside, retired sailors from the 1800’s instilled a desire for perfection in young Alton. That same commitment was passed on in his family. Matt was raised with that commitment. Matt and Jill of Mystic Knotwork continue to respect their heritage and environment by only buying American grown cotton. They are careful to ensure the materials they use match their demand for quality. At the Newport Boat Show, Matt was even asked to recycle rope to make personal momentos for a sailor. Until he met Jill, knots were made in any color as long as it was white. She was the inspiration to add color. It was a couple in Stonington that taught Matt to take the knots from the docks and use them to decorate homes and events. Connection to the sea can be seen in their work

What makes Mystic Knotwork Unique?

There is a depth of understanding of the nautical and maritime trades here in Mystic and Stonington that is hard to duplicate. Combine that with a family tradition of seamanship that carries back nearly 100 years, nothing is done halfway. If Matt and Jill don’t feel the task can be done in a ship shape manner, they’d rather walk away than misrepresent their heritage. Because of their commitment to the nautical marlinespike arts, they take every opportunity to teach what they do. Matt says that his passion is not letting this craft pass into obscurity and takes pride in its recent resurgence. This dedication and passion is felt the first time you talk to them about the sea, sailing, or especially knot work.

What’s the Best Business Advice You’ve Received?

Always follow through on your promises. Better to under-commit and over deliver than to over commit and fail to deliver. Don’t skimp on materials or workmanship just to chase a sale. Make sure you love what you do, and that passion can be seen in everything you make.

The traditional thump pad protecting this 1930’s sailboat deck from the brass block.

Thump Mats - Martha Stewarts American Made Nominee, Mystic Knotwork


Mystic Knotwork’s classic ocean plait mat, monkey fist, and coasters are used to accent nautical weddings on both coasts.




Matt made a set of custom bracelets for a school fundraiser in Minneapolis, MN. We are committed to the community while sharing our art.

Thump Mats - Martha Stewarts American Made Nominee, Mystic Knotwork


New this fall, we’ve been collecting worn lines from sailboats in the area to create mats 100% from recycled material. A true sailor has memories in their ropes, and even after they’ve worked their last trimming, the memory can live on as decor.


recycled_mats Thump Mats - Martha Stewarts American Made Nominee, Mystic Knotwork


While helping deliver a Tall Ship to drydock for inspection, Matt takes some time to teach his art to one of the newest deckhands.

recycled_mats Thump Mats - Martha Stewarts American Made Nominee, Mystic Knotwork

Extended Carrick knot designs for decorative boards Cross, Star, and Ocean Plait Mat

recycled_mats Thump Mats - Martha Stewarts American Made Nominee, Mystic Knotwork


About the American Made Movement

American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local and celebrates the handmade. The journey culminates in a signature event this October in New York City. Join us and uncover the next generation of great American Makers.

For more than 20 years, Martha Stewart has celebrated this spirit of innovation in the pages of her magazines. Now, through American Made, Martha Stewart and the editors of “Martha Stewart Living” are spotlighting the next generation of great American makers.

The journey culminates in a signature event in New York City where makers from across the country gather to discuss, create, and explore. It’s here that our 2013 American Made winners are honored for innovation and excellence in their field. We’d love you to join us in selecting the Audience Choice Award winners.

The American Made Awards honor makers from across the country for innovation and excellence in their field. From reprising a lost art form and impacting a community to pioneering an industry, each maker is honored for their role in pushing the American Made movement forward.

Ten winners are chosen by the editors of “Martha Stewart Living,” while the audience votes on six category winners and one grand prize winner.

Mystic Knotwork is a 2013 American Made Martha Stewart Living Audience Choice Award nominee. #VoteAmericanMade

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Big Adventure Fun Treehouses

Beach House Backyard: Pirate Ship Treehouses


Although not beach related, one of my favorite new TV shows is Treehouse Masters.  If you aren’t familiar with the show, it follows Pete Nelson and his crew who travel across America building treehouses for those looking for a unique extra room or studio.   I might add that Pete is a pioneer in the treehouse industry and his structural designs, techniques, tools etc. are now used by many of the new treehouse builders which are springing up all over.   They just wrapped their first season so I’m in treehouse withdrawal right now, lol!

Anyways, I recently found this pirate ship treehouse photo and it’s like finding gold to this treehouse and beach lover.  Evidently its called “The Scallywag Sloop Tree House“.

Pirate Ship Treehouse

Once I started searching for info, I stumbled upon numerous pirate ship treehouses so I thought, “Hmmmmm, maybe someone would like these treehouses too?!”  So here you go…

Pirate Ship Treehouse design 

Pirate Ship Treehouse Design


Painted Pirate Treehouse 

Pirate Ship Treehouse Design


 Pirate Ship Tree Playhouse By Daniels Wood Land




Pirate Ship with Crow’s Nest

ship ahoy pirate tree house

Pirate Ship Treehouses by Big Adventure Fun

Big Adventure Fun Treehouses

Big Adventure Fun Treehouses

I’m thinking my beach house backyard needs one of these…

How about you?


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Handcrafted coastal home decor





Win a Coastal North Carolina Vacation Home


Who wouldn’t love to win a fully renovated and furnished vacation getaway along North Carolina’s stunning Crystal Coast?  DIY Network has transformed a circa-1800’s cedar-shake cottage into a classic Southern stunner.  The home features two bright and sunny floors and sits along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, here is the low-down. Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real vacation getaway. Blog Cabin will then be featured on six special episodes of the hottest DIY Network shows: Mega DensBath CrashersYard Crashers,House CrashersKitchen Crashers and Desperate Landscapes. Expert hosts from these series will be on hand to rebuild the circa-1892 cedar shake cottage that will become a luxurious home for a lucky sweepstakes winner.

There are way too many delicious details to share with you, so we’ll share some of our favorite areas of the home and encourage you to visit DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2013 for all the juicy behind the scenes photos and information.  Make sure you enter twice a day to win this beautiful vacation home too!

HOME EXTERIOR – The cabin has been reconstructed within the footprint of its former self and is situated on three acres.  Your very own dock along the waterfront too!




EAST ENTRANCE – A natural pathway leads from the driveway to the home’s covered side entrance, shaded by the property’s grand cedar trees.


GREAT ROOM – Furnishings were selected for their clean lines and spa-style color palette. Woven wicker-style furnishings feel right at home in the waterfront cottage.



KITCHEN – Nestled in a portion of the home’s original living room, the classic kitchen offers modern conveniences and incorporates elements reclaimed from the circa-1800s home.



DINING – The team from Kitchen Crashers created this unique glass-topped dining table which made use of the home’s original corner posts.  Dimmable LED lights illuminate beach combing treasures scattered atop a bed of sand, reclaimed from the property’s own beachfront. Seashells and sea glass from nearby Harkers Island surround an old glass bottle filled with a special message.


SUN ROOM – A cozy reading and relaxation space which exemplifies the rustic chic interior design through the home.


LANDING – At the top of the staircase, a built-in library showcases vintage curios donated by the former owners.


MASTER BEDROOM – A crisp white comforter serves as a neutral canvas for paisley-print and striped duvets and a cozy coverlet, folded at the bed’s edge.


Learn more….

Win a Coastal North Carolina Vacation Home

Behind the Scenes: The Sand & Seashell Dining Table

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