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Beach House Backyard: Pirate Ship Treehouses


Although not beach related, one of my favorite new TV shows is Treehouse Masters.  If you aren’t familiar with the show, it follows Pete Nelson and his crew who travel across America building treehouses for those looking for a unique extra room or studio.   I might add that Pete is a pioneer in the treehouse industry and his structural designs, techniques, tools etc. are now used by many of the new treehouse builders which are springing up all over.   They just wrapped their first season so I’m in treehouse withdrawal right now, lol!

Anyways, I recently found this pirate ship treehouse photo and it’s like finding gold to this treehouse and beach lover.  Evidently its called “The Scallywag Sloop Tree House“.

Pirate Ship Treehouse

Once I started searching for info, I stumbled upon numerous pirate ship treehouses so I thought, “Hmmmmm, maybe someone would like these treehouses too?!”  So here you go…

Pirate Ship Treehouse design 

Pirate Ship Treehouse Design


Painted Pirate Treehouse 

Pirate Ship Treehouse Design


 Pirate Ship Tree Playhouse By Daniels Wood Land




Pirate Ship with Crow’s Nest

ship ahoy pirate tree house

Pirate Ship Treehouses by Big Adventure Fun

Big Adventure Fun Treehouses

Big Adventure Fun Treehouses

I’m thinking my beach house backyard needs one of these…

How about you?


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