seashell and sea glass xmas trees

Sea Shells, Urchins and Glass Christmas Trees

Seashells, Sea Urchins, Oyster Shells and Sea Glass are all perfectly beautiful when turned into Coastal Christmas trees for those of us that love beach house interior designs.  Depending on the type of natural sea life which is used to create the tree, each is unique unto itself. All of these beauties are perfect for celebrating a Coastal Christmas!

Sea Urchin Tree with Starfish ~ Handmade at By the Seashore.

Beach Decor Sea Urchin Tree with Starfish

Shell trees from Airlie Moon

seashell and sea glass xmas trees

 Oyster Shell Christmas Tree from Pinterest

Seashell Tree with Aqua Shells & Starfish ~ The Seashell Collection

Seashell Christmas Trees from Pinterest are gorgeous!

Christmas Trees from Seaside Inspired are back in stock for 2013!

Seashell Tree w/ Knobby Starfish Topper by Sea Shells by Sea Shore

seashell xmas tree for beach house decorating

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