kim rody fish dinnerware on kickstarter

Help Make this Coastal Dream Come True!


We’ve known Kim for several years and are definitely fans of her coastal artwork.  One of the main reasons I started my blog in 2009 was to be able to help other small coastal businesses achieve their dreams.  Now, you can help fulfill the dream of translating Kim Rody’s ocean paintings into high quality “functional art” by putting a bright spot on your dinner table.

Kickstarter project kim rody fish dinnerware on kickstarter

Kim’s story…

kim rody fish custom dinnerware on kickstarter

“This dinnerware began as a request. In the winter of 2012, Tom Hazel, the manager of the Abaco Inn, had a firm vision of me creating a large set of dinnerware with my fish on them that could be auctioned off to raise money for the Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department in the Bahamas. This was the winter of 2012. I thought he had completely lost his mind. I was a painter, not a potter!

The idea soon latched onto my brain and would not let it go. A year later, in February of 2013, after hours of research and lots of money, I delivered 48 pieces of dinnerware to Tom on the morning of the auction.

Their reception was incredible, Tom raised a ton of money, and my husband started thinking that dinnerware might not be that bad an idea after all.

It’s been almost two years since I began dabbling in dinnerware, and I have come to the point where I need to ramp it up, or abandon it completely. And, ramping up means cash.
I have already completed the design work for the entire first collection, and fired them numerous times working out the kinks:  Are they the right size? Is this the right temperature?  Will these plates work?  Will these designs complement each other? In other words, I AM READY TO GIVE BIRTH TO MY CREATIONS!”

kim rody fish dinnerware mugs on kickstarter

Learn specifically why Kim needs our help here.

kim rody fish dinnerware place settings on kickstarter

So, what happens to the money if Kim doesn’t hit the target?  Kickstarter is all or nothing so if she doesn’t hit $30,000 by the 9th of January, your card won’t be charged and she won’t receive any money pledged. But, that ain’t gonna happen!!  Ready to help Kim achieve her dreams?  Visit to donate today — $1 minimum pledge is required.