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Coastal Vintage was created out of a love for beautiful old coastal items.  Meet Sally, mum to two little girls and owner of the fine coastal store, Coastal Vintage.  “It all began after a decade of sailing around the world and wanting those memories of being out at sea in my home.  I spend my free time finding those gorgeous & unique coastal vintage items in old ship yards, sheds, from the sea, off beaches, swap meets, markets, from old salty sea dogs, and homes of other lovers of the sea.”

Coastal Vintage Glass Floats

Sally lives in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Her online store is an unique, specialized shop filled with all those beautiful vintage, hard to find things & upcycled items perfect for a coastal home!

Sally says, “All items that I find I love. They are either vintage, antique or upcycled/recycled and all of good quality, and well made.”

Coastal Vintage is filled to the brim with products perfect for a beach home including; glass floats, lobster pots, driftwood art, oars, shadow boxes, vintage jars, seashells, vintage charts and boat flags! You are seriously going to LOVE her store and she ships to customers around the globe!


Coastal Ship's Wheel

Coastal Vintage glass floats in netting

Vintage Boat

Giant Clam Shell with Glass Floats

Coastal Vintage oars and glass floats

Sea Blue Life Ring and Wooden Oars

Brass Porthole Mirror from Coastal Vintage

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Coastal Vintage beach coastal home accents