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Driftwood: From Beach to Living Room


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Definition: drift·wood (drftwd) n.  Wood floating in or washed up by a body of water.

Some actually have the nerve to say that driftwood is a form of “marine debris or tidewrack”.  I guess that I’ve got a thing for marine debris! LOL! I have fond memories of collecting driftwood with my mother along the shores of the Northern California beaches as a young child. She had a thing for debris too.

Extra-large Driftwood Heart by Karen Miller

We have various pieces of driftwood out on the back deck which we are letting the rain clean and sun bleach. When they are properly cleaned we’ll find just the right use for them. Since living at the beach we are much more selective about the pieces we bring home.  David has a piece which looks like a wooden club that it currently being cleansed outside…I’m not sure what his fascination is with the “club” look (getting in touch with his inner caveman, perhaps?) but he loves it, so we’ll find a place for it. We finally hung this fabulous piece (shown below) in our newly decorated living room (more info coming soon). Depending on the direction you look at the driftwood, it can look like a propeller, the head of a bird, dinosaur or just some cool piece of wood with a naturally made hole in it. Any way you look at it, we love it!

A favorite piece of driftwood hung in our beach cottage.

cottage living room

In some waterfront areas, driftwood is a major nuisance; however we like to look at the bright side…the wood provides shelter and food for birds, fish and other aquatic species as it floats in the ocean as well as nesting areas along the shore. This lovely bald eagle uses driftwood for a perch.

 Driftwood provides a perch for a Bald Eagle on Fir Island, WA

fir island washington Photographer Walter Siegmund

DIY: driftwood photo display

driftwood photo hanger

Coastal Nest drilled holes in driftwood pieces to create this Spinner 

coastal nest wind spinner

 Driftwood on top of this beachy hall tree is dreamy.

driftwood dreamy hall tree- Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Home by Sunset featured this Driftwood coat rack how-to.

DIY coat rack

Of course, we ALL love the popular driftwood sailboats!

white flower farmhouse sailboats

Driftwood Table from Coastal Living Magazine

Table from Coastal Living Magazine

How do you use it in your beach home?

Note: Please make sure that you follow any posted signs regarding collection of driftwood. Due to erosion and such, it is not allowed to collect driftwood on some beaches.



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