seaglass votive candles

Collecting Sea Glass


I started collecting sea glass a few years ago.  A co-worker invited me to attend the North America Sea Glass Association’s Sea Glass Festival.  I’m lucky enough to live in Virginia Beach where the festival is held.  After learning about sea glass, watching the shard of the year competition, and seeing the beautiful jewelry and art from the vendors I was hooked.

Common Sources Of Sea And Beach Glass By Color

Color Of Glass

Source Of Glass


soda bottles, jars, plates, windows, auto glass


beer bottles, medicine bottles

yellow-green/kelly green

beer, juice, soft drink bottles

uncommon green

early Coke, Dr. Pepper, wine and beer bottles

gray, pink

Depression glass

lime green

1950s soda bottle

soft blue, forest green

ink, fruit, baking soda jars


originally white tinted by replacement chemical

cornflower/cobalt blue

Noxema, Phillips, Bromo Seltzer, medicine, poison

dark amber

whiskey, medicine, bleach bottles

light amber

auto or boat tail lights

dark olive/black

old bottles used to transport spirits


Carnival glass


old Schlitz bottle, dinnerware, car and nautical lights


As often as I can I walk along the beach doing the “Sea Glass Stoop” hoping to add a rare piece to my collection.  Here are some of my favorite sea glass home decorating ideas.

Sea Glass Votive

seaglass votive candles


Sea Glass Vase Filler

vase filled with seaglass


Sea Glass Wreath

seaglass wreath beach home decor


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