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Recycled Glass Countertop for your Beach House

Recycled Glass Countertop for your Beach House


March 30, 2014 update — This article and photo is consistently one of our top re-pins on Pinterest AND we’ve been seriously considering adding these counter tops to our beach cottage.  We really did love them in our high desert home and miss them.  The fact that they are created of recycled materials, heat resistant, and durable are big selling points for us. ~ Marie.


Recycled and beautiful, what more could you ask for in a counter top? We renovated much of our last home (in Spokane, Washington) and one of our favorite design elements were the countertops we used.  We had the kitchen and all three bathroom counters updated with recycled materials from Granite Transformations.  Our favorite was the guest bath; which used recycled glass countertops manufactured with up to 72% post consumer recycled materials.  Pretty cool, huh?

recycled glass countertops


We found a similar product from Vetrazzo (shown above) in their “Floating Blue” color.  The soft, blue sky is punctuated by buildings that appear to be made entirely of glass.  Aptly named, this mix features the distinctive blue float glass often used in these lofty spaces.

I can attest to the durability and beauty of the Granite Transformation products.  If you’re in need of new counters than I encourage you to look around at the countertop alternatives available  for your beach home’s kitchen or bath.  There are many new and  unique products coming onto the market every day.

Hope you have a beachy day!


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Coastal Art Maps

Coastal Art Maps Capture Beauty of Idyllic East Coast Shoreline

General Plan of Riverhead to Shelter Island, NY

General Plan of Riverhead to Shelter Island, NY

Coastal Art Maps, a New York-based map-making enterprise, now offers an array of exquisite hand-drawn maps commemorating the East Coast’s most beautiful beaches and islands from New England to Florida.  These breathtaking, collectible maps include the New York-New Jersey-Delaware shoreline some of which was damaged by Superstorm Sandy, idyllic New England islands Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, famous for their beaches, lighthouses, cobblestone streets, gray-shingled cottages, and picturesque towns, and the iconic Florida Keys, spotlighting the broad varieties of land forms, inhabited areas and vast natural wonders.  Each of these breathtaking maps represent moments when an ever-changing world was briefly frozen in time.  These maps would make ideal, unique gifts for art aficionados, beach lovers, historians, boating and fishing enthusiasts or anyone that has ever enjoyed the beauty of these beloved seaside locales.

Artist Joseph S. Tarella, Owner of Coastal Art Maps, creates stunning artwork using the time-honored tools of pen-and-ink and watercolor washes.  The tactile quality that Tarella achieves by using ink and watercolors on vellum allows for a kind of expression not easily achieved using more modern, mechanical methods.

Coastal Art Maps

“These maps, singly or as a group, would make wonderful and informative keepsakes for the avid sportsman, the casual naturalist or anyone familiar with the beautiful, water-centric American paradise along the East Coast,” said Joseph S. Tarella.   “They’d make gorgeous additions to any home or office decor, and would be an unexpected, memorable and treasured gift for family, friends, colleagues or clients.”

Tarella’s Massachusetts maps spotlight the beauty of two New England island locales, which are rife with history.  Located south of the Massachusetts/Cape Cod coastline, they face out to the Atlantic Ocean and have launched thousands of ships from their well-protected harbors.  Long at the center of the lucrative whaling industry, the islands were home to industrious and prosperous sea-farers and now are among the most popular summertime destinations in the area.

Coastal Art Maps

The Florida Keys maps, rendered in the well known natural divisions of Upper, Middle and Lower Keys, vividly present the many, varied isles, linked by the Overseas Highway, within the vast watery background of the southernmost part of the country.  Each map represents approximately 25 miles and richly depicts the broad varieties of land forms, inhabited areas and vast natural wonders.

Coastal Art Maps

Coastal Art Maps also captures the magic of the coastline between Massachusetts and Florida, with rich, robust images of New York’s Fire Island, Shelter Island and Montauk, New Jersey’s Sandy Hook and Long Beach Island, Atlantic City and Cape May, Delaware’s Rehoboth and Bethany beaches, Maryland’s beloved Ocean City and more.

“Coastal Art Maps started as a hobby.  I have always liked maps and traveling, and when I built a house on Long Beach Island, I couldn’t find any maps of the area that I liked, so I created my own,” Tarella explained.  “When my friends and neighbors saw the maps I’d created, they loved them and wanted their own versions.  The labor-of-love endeavor evolved from there.”

“Since creating that first map of my Long Island Beach hometown, I’ve crafted maps of other, treasured East Coast locales, often based on customers’ requests,” Tarella continued.  “From Nantucket to Key West, I’ve enjoyed exploring the exceptional details of our East Coast shorelines, capturing these breathtaking treasures for current and future generations to enjoy.”

Artist Joseph Tarella offers a series of limited-edition art maps of selected coastlines. Each map presents an elegant, detailed and accurate rendering of selections of East Coast land areas, highlighting their juxtaposition and relationships between land and water, islands, parks, roadways, and other significant elements. These comprehensive and beautiful ink-and-watercolor compositions, offered on full size giclee canvas or half-size watercolor paper, make a truly unique and satisfying acquisition.

Rehoboth_Beach_Sussex_Shores_Coastal Map

Rehoboth Beach Sussex Shores

 Tarella combines his architectural experience, passion for travel and love of map-making to create stunning maps of East Coast beaches.  Coastal Art Maps currently has 18 different maps in circulation, depicting areas including the New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Florida coastlines.  Tarella, a trained architect and co-owner of SawickiTarella Architecture+Design PC, also customizes maps, identifying specific locations, per customer request.

Breathtaking, Hand-drawn Maps Represent Moments in an Ever-Changing World – Make Great Gifts for Collectors, Beach & Nautical Enthusiasts, Dads & Grads, Etc.

For more information, please visit

Shades of blue color palette for beach cottage home

Beach Cottage Interiors: Turquoise!


Turquoise is the name of a greenish blue color, based on the gem of the same name. The word turquoise comes from the French for Turkish, as the gem was originally imported from Turkey. The first recorded use of turquoise as a color name in English was in 1573. Who knew it was from Turkey? Not I!  I do know that turquoise (as well as aquamarine, teal and aqua) is the quintessential color to add seaside charm to any beach-inspired interior decorating. We LOVE it, how about you?

Better Homes & Gardens featured this Shades of Aquamarine color palette and it is perfect for using when creating a beach cottage vibe.   Designer Khristian A. Howell recommends giving aqua a test run on a piece of furniture. “It’s not a sub for painting the whole wall — nothing is — but it gets your hands dirty with the color a little bit,” Howell says.

Shades of blue color palette for beach cottage home

A round Turquoise candle in a clear glass hurricane — sometimes simple is really all you need!

Turquoise round candle

This Turquoise Chandelier Makeover was featured on Restoration Redoux’s blog.  We love the sparkling elegance it provides to the room plus the fact that it was a DIY project makes it extra-special.

Turquoise Chandelier Makeover

This is totally the kind of thing which I love — using a Turquoise painted chair as a nightstand! (I actually had an awesome old wooden chair for years and it was painted aqua and I did use it as a nightstand. Wish I hadn’t sold the chair now!)

Turquoise Chair for a nightstand table

Turquoise and Green Coastal Home Furnishings from Coastal Living Magazine.

Turquoise and Green furniture

I’m sure that we’ve shared this before, but these Turquoise sliding barn doors used in a beach cottage would be FABULOUS!(Oh, hubby. Hint…hint)

Turquoise sliding barn doors for a beach cottage

Turquoise plates, glasses, and vases are combined with deep purple flowers — together they are picture perfect!  Wouldn’t this be an amazing table setting for a Spring brunch?

Turquoise plates and purple flowers

Check out this Turquoise Duvet Cover which adds delightful character to this white beach cottage bedroom design.

Turquoise Bedding via Coastal Living Magazine

This Turquoise Tufted Ottoman has made its way around the Internet and we have had a major crush on it for years. You’d think with all the press this photo has had that there’d be a valid link to the actual source, nope. Can’t find where this is originally from so if you know, please let me know!

Aquamarine tufted ottoman via House of Turquoise

A cozy cottage-inspired bedroom from Better Homes & Gardens. White with light turquoise is soothing & calm.

> Cottage bedroom in white & light turquoise

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Anchor nail art

Coastal Fashion: Crazy for Anchors


Elizabeth (Daughter, Social Media Specialist, Contributing Editor, Office Assistant) has a little crush on anchors.  She likes them so much that she couldn’t believe it when she discovered that I hadn’t created an “Anchor” board on Pinterest yet.  Silly, mom….oops!

Well, we have an Anchor board now and shared some the most popular Anchors with you last month in our article Nautical Home Interiors: Anchors Aweigh.  Today we focus on anchors for our coastal lifestyle including shoes, clothes, and jewelry…oh my!

Anchor fashion via Polyvore


Anchor sandals for spring and summer


Anchor necklace

Tiffany & Co.

Anchor outfit for Spring and Summer


  Anchor nail art


Pinky Star Anchor Tank Top

Fashion source

Mint Anchor Bracelet Watch


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Pink sofa in India Hicks' living room

It’s Spring – Think Pink!


Pink is a pale red color, which takes its name from the flower of the same name. According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink, especially when combined with white or pale blue, is the color most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood, and the romantic.  Pink is sometimes associated with extravagance and a wish to be noticed. We just call it “lovely” and perfect for using when wishing to spruce up your beach home interior.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Designer Krista Ewart gave her sister’s bungalow on Southern California’s Balboa Island a makeover with plenty of color, scallops, polka-dots, and animal motifs — all on a background of crisp white. Originally featured in House Beautiful Magazine.

Balboa Island Beach Bungalow House Beautiful

This Pink cabinet was featured on Iron Fish Art’s blog. We like the idea of displaying old fishing rods on the wall!

Pink cabinet from

Pink Dining Room with Turquoise accents by Sarasota Interior Design.

Pink Dining Room, Turquoise, Sarasota Interior Design

Tiny beach houses, technically cabanas but the Pink one is our favorite!

Tiny beach houses - Pink

Salmon pink french doors welcome you home!  The entryway features pink flamingo artwork, a pink zig-zag light fixture, and black and white tile flooring.

Salmon Pink French Doors

An adorable surfer girl bedroom with fun pink accents like a hanging surfboard.

Surfer girl bedroom interior design

This Florida beach cottage features a seashell mosaic bathtub as well as pink and orchid walls.

Shell mosaic on clawfoot tub

A pink beach cottage in the Bahamas. This is what we call serious “beach front” living!

Pink beach cottage

A pink sofa really “pops”  in this modern beach house.

Pink Sofa in a modern beach house

India Hicks’ living room also features a pink sofa!

Pink sofa in India Hicks' living room

All photos via Pinterest

Happy Spring!

Beach bungalow interior design

Editor’s Pick’s: Beach Home Interiors


The editors at  Sally Lee by the Sea are welcoming the arrival of Spring with some fabulous Beach Home Interior picks! We hope that you love them as much as we do.

Dana‘s First Pick — Ceiling fans don’t have to be ugly. This unique fan is the perfect combination of beauty and function.

Beautifu ceiling fan

Elizabeth‘s Pick — This Beach Bungalow featuring a blue and white interior is perfection for a beach home.

Beach bungalow interior design

Caron‘s Pick – A versatile pillow which could be used in a modern, tropical, or British Colonial home.

Coastal Pillow for Beach House

Dana’s Second Pick – This white room is mixed with natural accent pieces to create a cool and beachy vibe.

Beach House interior design idea

Marie‘s Pick – White done right! This white beach cottage in Nantucket speaks to her heart.  Shabby white with pops of blue accents makes her swoon, how about you?

Nantucket Beach cottage interior design

Which beach home design speaks to you?