Kona Ambient Table Lamp

5 Coastal Lamps to Light Up Your World!


Coastal Lamps are an easy way to light up your world!  I was thinking about  how great an investment lighting for your beach home really is.  Yes, some higher-end coastal table lamps can be pricey upfront, however when you think about how many years of durable use they provide, they really aren’t that expensive.  If the table lamp is beautiful then it’s almost like an investment in art too, especially those which are handcrafted with shells and such.

Think of it this way….If you pay $200 for a lamp and have it for 10 years then it’s only costing you $20 a year or $1.66 a month! You spend more than $1.66 a month on Starbucks or other items which don’t provide value, don’t you? Hmmmm….do I have you thinking now?

Here are five Coastal Lamps which will light up your world and are all a great investment for your home!  Don’t forget to leave a comment as to which is your favorite.


Currey & Company’s Lynnhaven Table Lamp is a fabulous accent for any home.  Natural oyster shells are used to create this organic lamp which is available from our friends at Ocean Offerings.   The lamp is accented with a natural burlap shade and is embellished with black wood accents.  What a showpiece this table lamp would be in YOUR coastal-inspired home design.

Oyster Shell Table Lamp from Ocean Offerings

This Deep Turquoise Retro Beach Lamp would be gorgeous in a beach house. Available from Caron’s Beach House and you can save 10% on it by using coupon code: March14 if you order this week!

5 Coastal Lamps to Light Up Your World from Carons Beach House

Coastal Style Gifts offers this delightful Octopus Shade Table Lamp and the added bonus is that you receive a set of 2. This is a modern lamp with a octopus shade over a glass base which offers a refreshing classic coastal elegance.

Octopus Shade Table Lamp

Pottery Barn’s Kona Ambient Table Lamp creates a glowing seascape in your living spaces. It looks like an illuminated sea urchin — how fun is that?

Pottery Barn lamp

Brighten up your room with this nautical lamp from Ocean Styles!  This Seahorse Table Lamp will surely bring warmth and charm to your home or office. The size and colors of this lamp will be a great match for your nautical decor whether you live in the city or near the beach.

Seahorse Lamp from Ocean Styles

Which one is your favorite Coastal Table Lamp?