Pottery Barn Bedroom Nautical

Nautical Home Interiors: Kid’s Rooms!


I must admit that it’s been more than a few years since I decorated a kids room.  I’m at that in-between stage where kids are grown and gone but no grand babies are in the mix yet (which is just fine with me!).  It’s still fun to find adorable kid’s room designs though.  Some of these are cute enough that I’d be just fine spending a day or two in them myself.

Kid’s Room Tips from The Better Mom:

  • Paint is the number one best way to add impact without much money. You can use paint not only on walls, but furniture and room accents. By far the best bang for your buck.
  • Bedding is the next key element. When choosing bedding, consider a more plain or classic design that can last a while, and then if your child likes a certain cartoon character, or theme, you can just add sheets and a pillow sham to bring in that favorite theme your child has been wanting.
  • Window treatments are a simple way to add impact in a room.
  •  Lighting can be fun whether overhead or with lamps.  Be sure to think about the function of the room when considering lighting.
  •  Wall decals and stencils are a great item to decorate with for kids rooms.
  • Accent pillows and rugs are always easy to find and add in for extra color and impact.

Leo & Noah are certainly lucky kids.  This Pottery Barn interior design is adorable!  We love the white background which really makes the Navy Blue accents “pop” in this space.  The finished result if fun and carefree.

Pottery Barn Bedroom Nautical

Whales are super popular this year and this adorable nursery proves the reason why. They are adorable! The Prints are available from ZeppiPrints on Etsy.

Nursery Whale Kids Room Art

Old nautical flags make clever curtains. Each matching metal bed features a striped coverlet for unity.  Is the striped wallpaper a bit too much though?

Nautical kids room

This bunk room was featured in House Beautiful Magazine and feels like a ship’s cabin.  It is lined with six bunks, four on one side and two on the other. Grommets on the curtains are meant to evoke bubbles.  What a fun way for the entire crew to get some shut eye.

Nautical kids room bunk beds

This Nautical Kids Room collage features classic red, white & blue.  Porthole mirrors, a red rug, rope ottoman, tripod floor lamp and as well as white & blue drapes is nautically chic.

Nautical Kids Room

If space allows, a child’s room is the perfect place to decorate with nautical accents and some comfy blue seating. 

blue white nursery

This Nautical room for kids is from a European blog.  The space is simple yet perfect for relaxing and sailing away into dreamland.

Nautical room for kids

How fun! Create a giant seascape in a kids’ play area. They’ll love adding details in chalk to create their own panorama over and over. Pottery Barn’s modular chalk decals allow you to attach multiples so that the mural can be as large as you want it to be.

Pottery Barn kids wall stickers

Every nautical kid’s room needs a boat bed with navy & white accents, right? The little nautical accessories really pull the theme together.

Nautical room for kids

If blue isn’t your color then consider the simplicity of a black & white theme.  This little space is adorable and could work for many years of use. 

Little bed with baskets and gingham chair

Easy Sailing & Pirate Cove Nautical Kids Room collages were created by Land of Nod’s Anna Passadori. Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod.  She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! 

Pirate Cove Bedroom Collage from Land of Nod

Easy Sailing Nautical Kids Room collage These little DIY Whales are adorable for a whimsical kid’s room and would also make great little gifts for loved ones!

fabric whales

Found on Pinterest with no link to who designed it (sad!) this room is practical, fun and nautical. Perfect!

cute nautical bedroom interior design

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