Recycled Glass Countertop for your Beach House

Recycled Glass Countertop for your Beach House


March 30, 2014 update — This article and photo is consistently one of our top re-pins on Pinterest AND we’ve been seriously considering adding these counter tops to our beach cottage.  We really did love them in our high desert home and miss them.  The fact that they are created of recycled materials, heat resistant, and durable are big selling points for us. ~ Marie.


Recycled and beautiful, what more could you ask for in a counter top? We renovated much of our last home (in Spokane, Washington) and one of our favorite design elements were the countertops we used.  We had the kitchen and all three bathroom counters updated with recycled materials from Granite Transformations.  Our favorite was the guest bath; which used recycled glass countertops manufactured with up to 72% post consumer recycled materials.  Pretty cool, huh?

recycled glass countertops


We found a similar product from Vetrazzo (shown above) in their “Floating Blue” color.  The soft, blue sky is punctuated by buildings that appear to be made entirely of glass.  Aptly named, this mix features the distinctive blue float glass often used in these lofty spaces.

I can attest to the durability and beauty of the Granite Transformation products.  If you’re in need of new counters than I encourage you to look around at the countertop alternatives available  for your beach home’s kitchen or bath.  There are many new and  unique products coming onto the market every day.

Hope you have a beachy day!


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2 thoughts on “Recycled Glass Countertop for your Beach House

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  2. VeroBeachGal

    Fabulous idea. I really love glass mosaic tiles, which emphasizes a light, beachy, coastal feel. Now that I’ve seen this countertop, for me it adds another dimension to that theme. How beautiful! I’m going to earmark this for when I’m ready to make changes to my kitchen and bath. Stunning effect!

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