Editor in Chief – Marie Rhoades

Editor in Chief (and CEO of the coastal lifestyle brand Sally Lee by the Sea, LLC ), Marie Rhoades, lives along the shores of the Pacific Ocean with husband, David.  ”We live in a small beach town in Washington state and want to share our passion for the relaxed coastal lifestyle with our readers.  We’ve both loved the ocean for as long as we can recall.”

Marie was born and raised in beautiful Napa, California and recalls many happy memories of spending time with family and friends on the California coast including Santa Cruz, Stinson Beach and Bodega Bay.

“As a child, I daydreamed about living next to the ocean one day. I found a fellow ocean lover, and member of the US Navy, and married him in 1984. We have both always shared a love for the sea and when we had the opportunity to relocate to a small coastal community on the Washington coast, our dream of a beach lifestyle became reality. The nautical nature of our lifestyle naturally transitioned our business into Sally Lee… by the Sea.”

Many wonder where the name  Sally Lee comes from, “The company is named after my mother, Sally, and my husband’s mother, Mona Lee.  They were both strong, independent women who passed away in March 2008.  These women give us our daily motivation, strength and our company is dedicated to their memory.”

We hope you enjoy your time at Beach Home Decorating and find beach decorating articles and/or items which benefit you, your home & family.

Marie Rhoades, CEO of Sally Lee by the Sea LLC

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