Favorite Nautical Room Designs for 2017

You have to admit that Pinterest is brimming with interior design inspiration! We popped over and found some lovely Nautical Room Designs to motivate you to get the New Year off to a great start. There really is nothing better than taking the Christmas decorations down and giving your space a bit of freshness to carry your home into 2017.
Nautical Cottage Beach House Interior Design

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Which design is your favorite, or would you like to try in 2017? Don’t forget to pin it!!

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3 Kitchen Lighting Pro Tips to Try in Your Home

nautical beach kitchen
It’s that time of year again, and chances are you’re going to be using your kitchen considerably more over the next month. There’s baking holiday treats and cooking sumptuous winter meals. Then there’s all the prep work of making the biggest meal of them all: the family holiday dinner.
If you don’t have sufficient lighting in your kitchen, you could potentially mistake the salt for sugar and ruin the pastries and other delicacies you have painstakingly been planning since the end of October. Don’t let a food disaster derail your holidays. Light up your kitchen the right way using these five lighting tips from professional designers and foodies.

Set Lights to Dimmers

In an interview with the Y Lighting Company, professional interior designer April Powers comments that kitchens today are about more than meal prep. The kitchen is where friends and family congregate for food and good conversation. This means that the kitchen should be functional and inviting. Powers says that “it’s important that [kitchen] lighting [be] both task-oriented as well and ambient friendly. Avoid anything overly bright. [All] fixtures should be dimmable so the light can be adjusted to meet specific needs.” If you don’t want people in the kitchen, dim the lights. If your hosting happy hour at the bar, turn the lighting up. The level of the lighting will help your guests to understand how and when to use the space.


Be Selective About Lightbulbs

Your kitchen lighting should use lightbulbs that are dimmable, energy efficient and bright. According to the daily food magazine Kitchn, there are four types of lightbulbs to consider for your kitchen:

LED: This type of lightbulb is energy efficient and works well when layered with other light sources. LED bulbs don’t emit a very bright light, which means they also don’t emit a lot of heat. If you want to keep your kitchen at a comfortable temperature while you’re cooking, pairing LEDs with brighter bulbs (discussed below) will save you money and resources.

Incandescent: This type of lightbulb emits a warm light that brightens the kitchen, but also warms it up. Compatible with timers and dimmer switches, incandescent bulbs are the most used in commercial and household lighting.

Fluorescent: This type of lightbulb is mainly used for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen because it produces low energy for the bright amount of light it emits. Though fluorescent bulbs are costlier, they last longer and perform well as task lights.

Halogen: This type of lightbulb emits a bright light but runs hot, warming up the kitchen. Another lightbulb to use for under-cabinet installation, halogen bulbs are excellent for direct lighting.

Light Source Placement

The kitchen is where we cook, eat, drink and mingle with family and guests. This means that the light placement needs to be inviting, clear and bright. Your kitchen will need overhead, task and accent lighting. Overhead lighting brightens the general space of the area, task lighting shines a spotlight of sorts on the “task at hand,” like meal prep and dish washing and accent lighting provides ambiance.

Before installing your light sources, you will need to determine where in the kitchen you will be doing most of the cooking, washing and prep work. Your task lights should be set up in these areas. This can be done by hanging your task light source(s) directly above your work stations. Pendant lights work well for task lighting, while flush mounts work well for overhead lighting. You can accomplish layering your light sources by using lamps and dimmers for accent lighting. To achieve a cohesive lighting experience, overhead, task and accent lighting must be layered, don’t forget that.

Your kitchen lighting should serve a function. What good is the kitchen if you can’t see well enough to prepare your food or write down a new recipe?



Nautical Inspired Bathrooms in Boca Raton!

Nautical Inspired Bathrooms in Boca Raton

If you are lucky enough to own a beach house in Boca Raton, Florida you undoubtedly enjoy your vacation time in your home. Whether you live full time in the Northeast and just winter in Boca chances are you try to get down to the beach every chance you get. If you have the luxury of living in Boca all year-round keeping your home beautifully maintained and decorated is always a top priority.

If you want to take on a complete remodel of the bathrooms in your beach house you will have to first find a plumber Boca Raton that can come down and look at your existing fixturing and piping before you focus on the décor and stylization elements of your project. Once you have this squared away you can focus on the fun part-home décor!

Your choices in home décor all depend on your own personal style and flair. You want your home to be comfortable and stylish with accents and themes that will remind you of the sun, the sea and the sand without looking like every other beach house on the block. Here are some of our ideas for decorating your beach house bathrooms.  

Your Bathrooms-Nautical Inspired Décor

Nautical décor can be inspired by a variety of different design elements. If you are love the idea of ships or sailboats you can focus your bathroom’s décor around that. You can utilize round bathroom mirrors that are reminiscent of portholes on a ship. You can add pops of bright red as an accent color to work off your navy blue and white primary color scheme. Your bathroom can be decorated with nautical accents like sailboats, and captain’s wheels, or you can throw in natural rope elements, like the ropes that sailors and their crews use to dock their boats after coming in from the sea.

Coral is another great way to decorate your bathroom if you aren’t a huge fan of navy and white. Coral colored and white hued walls can add glamour to your powder room. You can utilize golden accent pieces like starfish and seashells to add texture and interest to the room. Coral and white is a bit more feminine and can add a level of sophisticated style to your home. Coral works beautifully against white but you can mix it with other bright and sunny colors like yellows and greens to give it a supercharged, fun and playful look as well.

Pure white is a beautifully modern way to channel the summer time and the beach. You can always throw in gold accent pieces or brightly colored shower curtains and bathroom accessories if you want to give the room a pop of color without changing the entire room.  Add jute or bamboo or other raw materials as design elements to keep your pure white room feeling open, airy and extremely beachy. Adding hooks to your walls to hang your towels on along with woven baskets for your laundry will put the finishing touches on your white beach house bathroom.

Thank you for reading!

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Interior Design: Keep It a Coastal Christmas

If you’ve fallen into a decorating rut when it comes to your Christmas tree, this is the year to try something new! Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition that most people enjoy and look forward to year after year.  However, if you’ve been using the same old tired decorations for the last decade, it may be time to freshen things up and try something new.   The Coastal Christmas tree is a core component of any Beach Christmas celebration. It is near the Christmas tree that many families and friends will gather to celebrate their holiday and the festive season.  a-coastal-christmas-living-room






More Coastal Christmas ideas and 5 DIY Ideas for a Coastal Christmas 


Interior Design: A Seaside Christmas Tree

Coastal Christmas Tree Interior Design

The calming hues of turquoise oceans, translucent sea glass and golden sands evoke a sophisticated seaside holiday on this Coastal Christmas Tree. This beautifully curated Seaside Tree depicts sparkling water through rich bead work and mimics waves and water droplets through textured mouth-blown glass. What a wondrous Coastal Christmas design inspiration. Do you agree?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

“This Coastal Thanksgiving Table’s soft and serene color scheme of greens, creams, browns and blues is certainly non-traditional but is a collective gathering of all natural elements.”

Thanks to Sand & Sisal!

Also Happy Thanksgiving from the Nautical Cottage/Sally Lee Family!!