Nautical Kids Bedroom

nautical kids bedroom
This nautical kids bedroom made us smile big with all the great touches of the sea!  With a rope bedspread to seahorse pillows and even the hand made oars on the wall; this room makes us want to sail to sleep.

Discovered on Pretty Handy Girl!

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Coastal Style Beach Bedroom

coastal style bedroom decor
We adore the furniture and accessories used in this coastal beach style bedroom. 
I might paint the side table a shade of blue rather than leave it white.  Also perhaps have a few more fun pillows for the bed!

Discovered on Cottage Home Furniture!

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New Arrivals from The Green Eyed Turtle!

sea glass necklace
This beautiful Sea Glass and Seashell Necklace is a new favorite!
large oyster shells
Need some fun shells for your next craft project? Get these large oyster shells here!
bangle friendship bracelets
Give someone special these new Friendship Bangle Bracelets!

Discovered on The Green Eyed Turtle!

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Easy Island Decorating!

tropical home decor

Take an ordinary room and just add some new tropical touches like these! We think adding some big seashells would be great too!

Discovered on Coco & Kelley!

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Turquoise Paint can make a Huge Difference!

bhg aqua kitchen
This kitchen is amazing! “With rustic charm, this kitchen boasts turquoise-painted cabinets with twig detailing.”  We absolutely love the color of these cabinets! Perhaps a kitchen project is in order :)

Discovered on Better Homes & Gardens!

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Not Glamorous But Necessary: Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

Every rug deserves a rug pad! Rug pads aren’t really a very glamorous part of home decorating, however a very functional and important one. Rug Pad USA is a retailer-based outside of the Greater New York area and they specialize in manufacturing higher end, eco-friendly rug pads that are made in the USA. Functional, eco-friendly and made in the USA? We love it!

Eco-Solid Non-Slip Rug Pads
The company began only 2 short years ago, and they’ve found great success. Since many consumers have been shifting towards more eco-friendly products in their homes, Rug Pad USA, has been able to carve out quite a successful venture. They specialize in higher-end rug pads for area and Oriental rugs which are perfect for beach house living!

The market is unfortunately flooded with rug pads that are imported and created with toxic PVC-materials. These can actually be quite toxic to your home’s environment and will actually damage certain types of hardwood floors. Rug Pads USA offers some pretty cool products, far superior than what consumers will find at big box retailers both in terms of performance and eco-friendliness. They have pads for using over carpet, hardwood, laminate, stone or tile.

eco friendly rug pad for coastal living 2

We had the opportunity to receive one of these marvelous eco-friendly Rug Pads for our hardwood floors. We selected the ECO-SOLID design which is a super long lasting, eco-friendly rug pad made with natural soybean oil rather than petroleum oils. It is described as being one of their best gripping rug pads for the most stubborn area rugs. It’s true!

The pad we received offers a solid design which allows for superior floor coverage and has a 20 year warranty. Something we immediately noticed that was different from other rug pads we’ve used in the past is that it doesn’t have any rubber/plastic smell! There is a soft aroma but once it was under the rug, we never smelled a thing. The rug literally has not moved at all since the pad was installed. We are sold!

eco friendly rug pad for coastal living

Rug Pad USA even offers customers FREE shipping, FREE returns and FREE custom cutting and trimming included with every order! Seriously, doesn’t it get any better than that?

Visit our friends at Rug Pad USA today!

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{Rug pad featured photos are the Eco-Solid design we reviewed}