Life’s Short – Buy the Beach House!

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Life’s Short – Buy the Beach House!

Houses are expensive, yet life is too short to dwell on intangibles- like home values. Given the fact that good homes will amass $150,000, most people aren’t willing to spend that much money on just any old home. After all, you’ll likely be taking out a mortgage on that home, which means that you will be paying back a bank for the purchase of that home for years to come, if not decades – and with interest.

Buying beach houses comes with benefits that knowledgeable professionals offering such properties as Candlewood Lake real estate can provide you. However, let’s first explore the intricacies of owning a beach home.

Better interior design possibilities

Interior design schemes are as unique as the individual or family that chooses them. Most interior designers provide full-service designs regardless if you’re having your home built or are purchasing one right out of MLS databases. These services include purchasing on your behalf and even project management of your renovation project. The possibilities are as endless as your dreams; these services are rather limited when buying landlocked properties since the goal of selling these doesn’t involve your personalization needs.

Saves on swimming pool purchases

Swimming pools aren’t cheap, and take special preparation each year before they’re safe for swimmers. If you’ve ever researched these pools, you already know a costly investment. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy cool water for personal use or need to accommodate family and friends, it’s important to keep in mind the factors that influence whether you buy a home with a pool, or buy a home with a lake already affixed.

Grass is easier to maintain

There’s so much to plant in your backyard that sometimes, you miss the little things – even when those are the things that matter most in your yard! With flowers, fruit trees, bushes, fertilizer, rock placement, there’s just so much to tend to that you can easily forget that the stuff that holds it all together, the stuff that everyone sees, the stuff you walk on and lay on and that really allows for all the other plants in your yard to even be there, needs a little TLC too – and that, my friends, is your grass.

Maintenance of your grass is much easier where water is abundant as your land will already have natural wetness to it, meaning it won’t grow out of control and won’t require too much grass planting.

Something to think about…

We all want a unique, interesting home that reflects our interests, tastes, aesthetic, and lifestyle. That explains why so many people today are choosing to purchase homes comfortably situated next to lakes as opposed to dealing with the rigmarole of city living. Inspired by the quaint, comfortable, cozy feeling that you can get when vacationing in Gatlinburg or similar cabin-like homes, life’s too short to not dream big and make the splash into lake front homes.

Each season is characterized by certain extremes, whether those extremes are in temperature, precipitation, or some combination thereof; one major quality that lakefront homes possess includes the fact they’re not nearly as expensive to heat nor cool as city dwellings. Dream, decide, then buy your lake house before somebody else steals your sunshine.

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Shades of Blue!

turquoise decorating

Turquoise? Teal? Or Aqua? What name do you use to describe this fabulous shade of blue?  Either way we love them all!!  “When using this color to decorate your home, it may be best used to create pops of color in your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen.”

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DIY Whale Coastal Pallet Art

diy whale pallet art

Using an old pallet, some white wash paint and a bold color of blue; this whale art pallet would make a great addition to any home!! Hang it on the wall, or in front of the fireplace during summer to hide it.  You could even give your whale a name!  “Meet Humphrey!”

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It’s a Shore Thing!

shore thing bathing suit framed

This nautical room is so fun! Especially with the framed bathing suits!  “These boardwalk-inspired beauties may look real, but they are faux and fabulous. They are in fact high-res scans of actual vintage suits printed on white giclée paper for contrast (Vintage Bathing Suit Art, $199 each, at” The added details of shells and stripes are great!

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