DIY SeaGlass Backsplash!

diy seaglass backsplash
Using pieces and remnants of sea glass try this fun new way to decorate a back splash in a bathroom or kitchen!!

Discovered on Pura Bella Soaps!

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Chic Living Room!

coastal bright home
We absolutely love this living room! With some shabby chic furniture and bright pops of green and blue; this room would look fantastic in any home!

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Elegant Beach Cottage Dining Room!

elegant shabby beach decor
Frame some great sea themed creatures and add them in your dining room! White always looks so fresh and clean. 
“For an elegantly shabby look, combine your rustic pieces with more contemporary counterparts. The white table and rattan chairs feel ultra casual, while the symmetrical prints, pleated draperies and dark wood serving tray deliver a perfect hint of refinement.”

Discovered on HGTV!

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Mixing Tropical and Modern Decor

tropical livinf room inspiration
We love this mix of modern and tropical beach decor!  “Fill your home with casual, breezy style and bright colors.”

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Turquoise Vogue Bathroom

turquoise vogue bathroom

This beautiful Vogue bathroom in turquoise is stunning! The color is so bold and bright.  It makes a bathroom very unique.

Discovered on Vogue!

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Beautiful Shell Masks from Gone Coastal Designs!!

The shell masks are made on a ceramic base.  Their faces have been handpainted by a fellow artist and friend.  The two female masks can be hung on a wall or placed in a stand.  The Viking mask has to be hung as the coral is very delicate and breaks easily if anything presses against it.

pearl shell mask
The White Pearl Seashell Queen is made from pearlized abalone shards, pearl donkey ears, pearl umboniums and the center piece is a pearlized nautilus shell with a small white knobby starfish.  I used Swarovski crystals on the nautilus shell to give her a touch more elegance.  My inspiration for her was that of elegance and regalness (if that’s a real word :)

under the sea queen

The Under the Sea Shell Queen is made with a large variety of seashells which I envisioned would be found at the bottom of the sea.  Her crowing piece is a beautiful half nautilus shell with white lace coral peeking out.  I got my inspiration for her from the Chicquita Banana lady that had a crown of fruit on her head.  You may be too young to remember her.

red viking mask

Magnus The Viking Mask is a tribute to my grandfather who is from Oslo, Norway.  His beard is made completly from red Pipe Organ Coral.  The coral comes in a cluster similar to a head of cabbage.  I had to break it apart in pieces and then cut it down so the beard wouldn’t be too high and glue it to the shape of the face.  Once the chunks were glued on I had to go back and glue one tiny piece at a time to fill in the gaps between chunks.  The white shells on the side of the mask are angel wing shells.  The long brown and white things are sea urchin spines.  The small brownish shells are umboniums.  When I first saw the mask I immediately knew he had to have that red beard.

All three of these masks are on display and for sale at an art gallery in Flagler Beach, FL near where I live.  The name of the gallery is GOLA, Gallery of Local Art.  I also volunteer there two days a month.  I am a native Floridan born in Miami and currently live in Palm Coast, Florida.

I have been doing shell art for a little over two years.  I have a shop on Etsy and my own website with a variety of othe items.  I will also be selling on Amazon Handmade soon.

Thanks for this contribution Gone Coastal Designs!

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