Beachy Chandeliers!

starfish chandelier
We’re adoring these fun and different beachy chandeliers!  What do you think?

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DIY Vintage Beach Mason Jars!

DIY summer beach jars
“To create my Beach Jars, I just gathered a few beach-y elements to start layering them in!” 
These are so cute and unique.

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DIY Crochet Beach Ball Pillow!

diy crochet beach ball
“This little beach ball pillow is the perfect summer crochet project – small, bright, and fun! It is fun to play with and squish, but I also think it would be adorable in a kid’s room or even a fun, summery accent in your living space.”

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Converting a Beachside Cafe to an Elegant Oceanside Restaurant!

Tips for Converting that Beachside Café to an Elegant Oceanside Restaurant

For years, beach goers enjoyed fun in the sun and would literally spend hours, if not days, on the beach every vacation absorbing the sun’s rays and working on their ‘once-a-year’ tan that would bring them home golden brown and the envy of all their friends and family. However, in recent years there has been a greater focus on elegant resorts and ocean-side dining in 5 star restaurants. So if you have the property and are thinking of converting to a high-end resort, here are some ideas to get you started.

Interior and Exterior Design – Presentation Is Everything

The first thing to consider should be an easy concept to understand, being in the hospitality business. You are probably familiar with the fact that every culinary art’s school in the world has the samemantra: “Presentation is the name of the game.” In fact, the concept has been tested time and again and without a doubt, second class meals can be served on an elegantly designed platter and get higher marks than a sloppily thrown-together plate of food prepared by an award winning world-class chef. The same holds true of your establishment. It pays to hire an expert interior designer to draw up plans for your elegant ocean-side restaurant, a designer like Peter Marino who is beyond compare when it comes to designing restaurants and commercial establishments that literally WOW customers and passersby alike.

Not Your Average Tiki Bar

A Tiki Bar is nice and does tend to draw a huge amount of patronage, but you can go one step further when having your outdoor Tiki Bar designed for you. Yes, the roof can still be thatched straw but that’s where you want the resemblance to stop. The bar itself should be fashioned from some exotic wood and it should be weatherproofed to withstand the blowing winds and sand. Lighted lanterns should be high-quality designer stock that can’t be bought in local hardware and home improvement stores and you can even create a theme for your bar outdoors. Some prefer a Polynesian décor where others opt for something farther afield. Oriental (Asian) themes are perfect for outdoor bars, especially if they are located on the West Coast with the warm Pacific waters just offshore.

Dining on the Deck

Many of the most spectacular ocean-side restaurants have both indoor and outdoor dining. Both have tables covered in cloth with real cloth napkins, crystal wine goblets and spectacular ambient lighting. Large windows are a must because there is no reason when having a 5 star restaurant on the water that the water shouldn’t visible from within. Make sure you offer the highest quality food made from fresh ingredients and offer your guests a full service dining experience, complete with a wine steward and even if available, a wandering minstrel. Nothing is more romantic that an evening meal under the stars with a violinist or guitarist making rounds from table to table, indoors and out.

The key to converting that beachside café into an elegant ocean-side restaurant is to do everything up big and better. From the windows on your building to the amount of service you offer your guests, you must go above and beyond if you want to be ranked above a 4. Looking for that 5 star rating? World class food and elegant presentation are key so that’s where your focus should lie.

DIY Sea Glass Bottles!!

DIY Sea glass bottle decor
This fun DIY of recycled glass bottles is super cute and creative!!!
Check out the How-to Here!

Thanks to Sadie Seasongoods!