ChappyWrap Blankets!

chappywrap couple
I received this delightful ChappyWrap blanket in the mail and was eager to write this product review.
ChappyWrap is inspired by a cherished childhood blanket and the island lifestyle of Martha’s Vineyard, ChappyWraps are produced by expert craftsmen using only the finest materials with a signature cotton blend jacquard weave created to last a lifetime. 
ChappyWraps are 60% cotton to provide extra fluffiness, 33% acrylic and 7% polyester to prevent shrinkage and pilling.  Every blanket is available in 60″x80″, large enough to use as a bed blanket or as a generous throw.  Reversible, machine washable and extremely durable, ChappyWraps are sure to become your everyday blankets…for life.
There are more than 45 different and distinct styles are available! From nautical, sports, nature and more!
The blanket I chose was the Winter Wonderland.  I immediately opened the packaging and dove into the softness and warmness of my new ChappyWrap!  This blanket is warm, soft, cozy and comforting.  It has become my new favorite for lounging and working.
winter wonderland blanket
Winter Wonderland Blanket!
chappywrap northwest

Thanks to Chappy Wrap for the delightful blanket!

Get your Chappy Wrap here!

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My Simple Autumn Arrangement for the Beach House

My Beach House Decorating for Autumn 2012

 My Simple Autumn Arrangement for the Beach House — Keeping it simple is what it’s all about at the beach!  I popped over to JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store last week and picked up a few bags of faux gourds, some white pumpkins and moss which were all at 50% off.  My china cabinet stores some white bowls which I love, yet rarely use,  so those are what I decided to use.

Each bowl was filled with some gourds, favorite shells and/or starfish and then I used moss (which smells great and adds a very nice natural element to the arrangement) to fill in.  Some faux leaves we’re also used here and there…normally I would use real ones but the weather has been mighty strange this year so we are still having summer weather in October.

Simple – Beautiful – Beach House Style

My Beach House Decorating for Autumn 2012

My Beach House Decorating for Autumn 2012

Some of my favorite Ikea tealight lanterns and fake leaves tossed about onto my drop cloth tablecloth keep everything simple.

My Beach House Decorating for Autumn 2012

I found two faux white pumpkins (that was all they had in the entire store) so I bought them!  I really “beachified” one of them (look for those photos tomorrow) and the one pictured below was kept simple.  Some tacky glue and rhinestones were all I used.  The rhinestones pick up the sunlight through the window and when we use candles at night.

My Beach House Decorating for Autumn 2012

I love how the starfish looks laying atop the green moss!

Thanks for reading!

Elizabeth and Marie

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Bright Beachy Living Room!

bright beach cottage living room
I love how this room was decorated with the outside view for inspiration!  All I need is a good book!

Discovered on Country Living!

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Take a Seat in Tropical Style!

palm leaf chair
Palm Leaf Chair
jungle chair
Painted Jungle Chair
horseshoe rattan chair
Horseshoe Rattan Chair
I adore all three of these Tropical Inspired designs!  I personally love the palm leaf chair.  Perhaps having the leaves in another color besides green might be fun!

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Re-Using an Old Ladder!

old ladder painted and displayed
What a fantastic idea!! Use an old step ladder, paint it a fun turquoise or aqua color, hang it and display a few treasures upon it!!  “This little antique ladder gave this corner a punch of color and a pinch of old character.”

Discovered on The Inspired Room!

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DIY: Freshen Up Your Bathroom!

DIY how to paint stripes

Wanna freshen-up your dingy bathroom? Well now you can with this DIY: How to Paint Stripes tutorial! It looks both fun and easy :)

Discovered on Live Love DIY!

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