Color Palette Aqua lollipops

{Color Palettes} Love of Aquamarine

If you love blue then why not give Aquamarine a try in your cottage?  It’s blue with a hint of green which can be found in nature and in everyday objects.  You probably already know that we love color palettes around here so we were more than excited when we discovered an easy to use color palette generator by Sherwin Williams.

So many people seem to have a bit of difficulty in choosing a paint color.  First tip, it’s just paint so if you don’t like it then re-paint.  Second tip, take a look at photographs you love (beach photos, Etsy products, ads in magazines, the clothes you often wear).

Visit Sherwin Williams Let’s Chip It! and create a color palette of a favorite photo and find out what colors you love…you may be surprised to find that certain colors you didn’t know go-together, really do.


Under each color palette you’ll see Let’s Chip It!…

Click to be taken to that color palette (click on “More Colors” to see everything),

if you click on the “chip” it will take you to Sherwin Williams online paint store!!


Let’s start with this aquamarine pool; which is gorgeous…but look at all the other colors in this shot!  Software and Rachel Pink with Calypso? Yes!

Color Palette Aquamarine swimming

 Let’s Chip It!

Synergy is our favorite aquamarine shade in this palette and it looks phenomenal with the Requisite Gray shade.  Do you like any of these hues?

Color Palette Aqua Telephone

 Let’s Chip It!

Even a two-tone lollipop can inspire!  Colors are very multi-dimensional and various shades of the same color can be found.  Holiday Turquoise is our favorite shade from this palette.

Color Palette Aqua lollipops

Let’s Chip It!

This photo was taken on our cottage deck last year…notice all the colors in the palette?  Nature is really the best color palette of all!

Color Palette Backyard Deck Shells

Let’s Chip It!

We gorgeous seashell wreath and sea glass was great fun to turn into a color palette.  The paint color, Larchmere, is beautiful and we never thought of using Jolly Green with it!

Color Palette Aquamarine Seashell Wreath

Let’s Chip It! 

We hope you enjoyed our first group of Color Palettes….we LOVE aquamarine and hope that you’ve been inspired today.

Make your own color palette: Let’s Chip It!

Our Let’s Chip It!:  Color palettes

DIY Starfish Table Runner!

DIY Stamped starfish table runner
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starfish table runner

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Shabby Cottage Bedroom Idea

The French Inspired Room - Time to Get Up, The Beach is Calling!

It’s time to get up, the beach is calling!  Dreamy whites are always lovely to decorate your beach cottage with. There is nothing about the ceiling tins,  chandelier, shabby door panels as a headboard that we don’t love! This beach house bedroom design is certainly casual and inviting!

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Tropical Home Decor

tropical beach house room

I’m loving all of these bright and tropical colors.  While it’s a bold choice, it may be best to start with a mood board of colors, patterns and ideas.  Once you’ve found what you’re looking for; dive right in!!

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DIY Seashell Garland!

DIY seashell garland
This is an easy DIY! String starfish and seashells on a piece of twine and swag it anywhere in your beach cottage home! 

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French Seaside Decorating Style!

coastal style french seaside
“I love the use of crisp white and natural materials
in this simple, seaside cottage in the South of France.”

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