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Warm Inviting Turquoise Bedding!

carina comforter set in turquiose
“Create an inviting bedroom oasis with the Carina comforter set. With a fresh take on floral patterns, this set features a crisp, cool turquoise that pops against the coordinating light grey and white hues.”

Discovered on Beth Bath & Beyond!

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Navy and Coral Bedroom with a Modern Twist

Navy and coral bedroom with a modern twist

With white being the primary color in this bedroom; the navy and coral touches help bring it together to a modern room.  The colors would match well in any beach home!!

Discovered on Centsational Girl!

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Coastal Pillow Inspiration!

coastal home pillows
We love this pillow inspired decorating board!  Straight from our Decorating Pinterest board and from Coastal Home Pillows! 

Discovered on Coastal Home Pillows!

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Beach Cottage Master Bedroom!

master bedroom cottage decor

We love this glorious beachy cottage master bedroom!  The oars have a special story and the small shell touches just add to the charm of this room.

Discovered on Meadow Lake Road!

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Seaside Beach Cottage Tour!

dreamy seaside cottage
This bedroom is one of many wonderful rooms in this seaside home.  
Go check it out to see more beauty!

Discovered on Between Naps on the Porch!

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Bring Summer Elements into Your Home!!

Bring Some Summer Elements to Your Home

Summer is nearing the end but if you are considering redecorating or updating your home décor in a way beating down the high temperature, better late than never. Speaking of summer décor, it’s advisable to think about anything that is able to cool your mind. Let’s say exuberant greenery, home-made swing or bamboo mat. But to get the ball rolling, there is something quite easy that almost everyone could do to make summer less hot.

freshen the wall color

Freshening the Wall Color

Though some little changes shall make your space look refreshing and cool, that’s far from enough to create a full and impressing summer resort. Therefore, painting the wall in a lighter color just tops all the options. A light color will drive away the dreariness and darkness which have dominated winter and spring. White and beige, yellow and blue, all of them sound great to produce cozy sensual effect. Nevertheless, when covering the wall with these colors, it’s also helpful to enlarge your room in visual respect. Perhaps you think all white is a little bit boring. In this case, I suggest putting up some holiday pictures in various colors and multiple shapes.

change light fixtures

Changing the Lighting Fixtures

lighting fixtures

Lighting is always one of the key elements in any home decor. Most family uses the same lamps all year round, which as I see it is not wise at all. Different lighting fixtures functions differently when seasons exchange. Flickering crystal hanging lamps weighing too much may warm and lighten up a winter living room perfectly. While in summer, pendant lighting with small shades and light fixtures might go with a cool backyard and can reduce the suffocating heat. It’s unnecessary to give too much consideration to brightness. It’s the weight and the material that make the difference. One of the most obvious advantages of vintage lighting lies in their modeling and material. Iron structure and hollowed design could somewhat calm down impatient emotions.

large retro industrial pendant

Large Size Retro Industrial Style Pendant Light with Rusty Shade and Cage

Adding Green Elements

green elements

Water is to fish what green plants are to human beings. It’s unbearable to see no green things in your living space. They act not only as appealing decorative items but also as air cleaner. Planting pots of flowers in the front will make your surroundings appear live and inviting. Additionally, plants also attract the wind to stop by, therefore cooling the house very naturally. Summer is also good time for outdoor activities. So a green lawn and some winding vines are also great choices to create relaxing and comfortable outdoor landscape. It is wonderful to invite several friends, holding an evening party in your courtyard.

parrot lighting

Source:  http://www.parrotuncle.com/

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