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DIY Bubble Chandelier!!

DIY Bubble Chandelier
This is such an awesome idea! Use old clear Christmas ornaments and a bit of fishing wire.  Hang near a light and viola!! What a great way to use old or new ornaments!

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5 Gorgeous Rooms with a Nautical Theme

Ahoy sailor! Bring out your love for the high seas in the growing trend of nautical themed decorating. Whether is your little boy’s nursery or your bathroom, there are ways to incorporate this classic look anywhere.

1. The essential colors

nautical room

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Red, white, and navy blue are the classic naval colors that you’ll want to use. Don’t forget about your neutrals such as woody browns and canvas creams when you put together your color palette. The great thing is that all these colors almost always go beautiful together with their high contrast bright hues.

  1. Shaping up

nautical bathroom
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Ships are known for their round windows. Bring that style into your bathroom with circle mirrors that feel just like a ship’s portholes. Another lovable thing about this bathroom are the lights and amazing cabinets. They really bring in the feeling of being in a ship from the wood to the details in the door knobs.

  1. Raise the mast

nautical living room
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This living room looks like the wow worthy captain’s cabins of a luxury liner. This room keeps the woodsy feel of a ship to bring together fun and classic. The ceiling looks like an upside down ship and the bar looks you could unfurl a sail and sail away in it! This room also incorporates other nautical essentials such as shop helms and those amazing lights that look like a starry sky.

  1. For the young adventurer

nautical boys bedroom

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This room just screams fun. The map for an accent wall brings something great color to the room and has the bonus of being educational. To maximize the continuity of the look, match rugs to bedsheets to accent pieces. The model sailboat really ties it all together into one central theme.

  1. Show it off

nautical man cave with sailboats

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Show off your love for sailing with a beautiful display as the backdrop of your ultimate billiards room. To match the theme, keep the walls and ceiling decorated with wood panel as a nod to the wood that ships were made out. Port mirrors and rope bannisters on the staircase really make this room look like you’re playing pool at sea without the seasickness.

  1. Material overhaul

nautical distressed wood  room

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The nautical style is full of many textures and features a lot of natural fibers. Distressed wood brings a really organic feel. There are many chances to use upcycled pieces such as items made from driftwood or rope.

For more home design inspiration, please go to Modernize.com.

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Bright and Beachy Guest Room!

tropical style guest bedroom
I adore this bright and breezy tropical guest room!  The blues used in this room compliment each other fantastically!  I especially love the coral pillows :)

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Interior Design – Tile Style Guide!

tile guide for interior decorating


Made by melting a combination of sand and other minerals at very high temperatures, glass is easy for a homeowner to clean and maintain and is ideal for walls, backsplashes, and flourishes or trims. While it has a medium durability, glass should be installed on a floor unless as a design accent, because it could break and be a safety hazard. You can achieve a unique look with colored glass tiles; such tiles can be colored either entirely throughout or just on the surface, and the color will stay moisture-proof and resistant to fading. Glass tile costs fall in the medium to high range.


With a high durability thanks to its dense clay material, porcelain is a lower-maintenance alternative to wood or stone floors, with more patterns available than ever before. Porcelain is most commonly found in walls, showers, backsplashes, countertops, ceilings, and flooring, and lower moisture levels make it high in durability yet still easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain tile is usually white, gray, or left unglazed, and you can even screen-print an image on it for a natural stone or fabric look. However, take note that screen-printed porcelain isn’t colored all the way through, so if it breaks or chips, you’ll see the original color. You can opt for through-body porcelain, which has color throughout the tile and can easily hide cracks or chips- making it perfectly suited for an outdoor patio!


An overall low maintenance tile, ceramic tile is easy to clean and install. It can be used in oddly-shaped areas that require special cuts and is low in cost; however, it’s more delicate than other tiles, and it’s not ideal for outdoor use because of high moisture content. Instead, consider using ceramic tile in walls, ceilings, backsplashes, countertops, showers, and as floor tile. Thanks to its combination of natural clay, sand, and water, ceramic tile may have a natural red terra-cotta finish and may feature a glazed finish.

Natural Stone

The earthy and authentic look of natural stone gives it great versatility when deciding where to feature it in your home redesign; walls, ceilings, outdoors, backsplashes, tub decks, flooring, showers, baseboards, and grill or outdoor appliance facing are all tempting options. Made from natural material and with costs ranging from medium to high, natural stone ranks medium for durability; its porous surface requires a little more maintenance than other tile types, and it should be sealed with either regular sealer (to protect from stains, spills, or etching) or enhanced sealer (to enhance color).

Exotic Tile

For a truly customized look, consider installing exotic tiles, which can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from animal hide to seashells to mirrored glass. Cost will vary depending on the intricacy of your chosen design and the availability of materials- for example, natural semi-precious stones like agate tiles can be very expensive, while other tiles like mirrored or metal are cheaper- but in general, exotic tile costs are very high. Cleaning and maintenance also varies depending on material. Exotic tile can be used for walls, outdoors, backsplashes, flooring, showers, and flourishes and trims.


With endless options, looks, and materials to choose from, using tile in your home design is a great way to add unusual touches to your space. Whether you’re planning your dream patio or designing a backsplash for your wet bar, tile can provide a unique look that’s sure to catch the eyes of everyone who passes by. To learn more about our tile services or get more inspiration and ideas for your home redesign, contact us today to speak with one of our creative designers.

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Happy Halloween!!

happy halloween
Happy Halloween from the Sally Lee Family!!  We hope you have a wonderful fun-filled day! Be safe out there and be sure to share your treats :)

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