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The Important Role of Hot Tub Chemicals!

The important role of hot tub chemicals

If you’ve been considering getting a hot tub, you no doubt are already well acquainted with all of the great reasons to get a hot tub: they are relaxing, they offer therapeutic benefits, they make your backyard a great party spot, and more! But the reality of owning a hot tub is this: They also come with some maintenance you’ll have to be prepared for. Learning how to add the right chemicals to your hot tub is very important.

In essence, the role of hot tub chemicals Canada hot tub owners need to know is that they reduce the likelihood that water-borne bacteria will grow in the water. These chemicals are specially designed for use in hot water and they also serve to keep the water clean and clear. Hot tubs are frequently vulnerable to the growth of harmful microorganisms.  Because of that, it’s absolutely imperative that hot tub owners learn how to effectively manage the growth of those organisms through the proper use of chemicals.

Hot tub chemicals are very effective at removing a variety of substances from hot tubs, such as:

Tanning lotion: If you or your guests get into the hot tub after a day out in the sun, any residual sunscreen that remains on your skin will inevitably end up in your hot tub water

Natural body oils, sweat etc:  It’s unavoidable. Humans have oils on their skin that will wash off into your hot tub, and with that will come natural bacteria.  

Calcium and lime deposits: Particularly if you have hard water, these substances can build up in your hot tub and clog the piping, which can be very disastrous as it can ruin the plumbing in your hot tub.

Whereas chlorine is typically the standard for sanitizing the water in swimming pools, this is not the best choice for keeping your hot tub clean and sanitized. This is mostly because of the high water temperature. Most experts recommend that hot tub owners use sodium bromide instead. Sodium bromide usually comes in the form of a tablet that can slowly release the chemical into the water at a safe and effective level. Adding chemicals to your hot tub water must be done regularly to achieve maximum effectiveness.  In fact, this is something that should really be done daily. Check the water first to determine its current pH level, and then add the right amount of chemicals to achieve the desired levels. In most cases, a desirable pH level is around 7.2 and 7.6. It should never go below 7.

If you own a hot tub or are considering getting one, it’s important to understand that you must take care of the water to ensure the proper functioning of your hot tub and the safety and health of everyone who uses it. With a bit of daily diligence and care, you and your friends and family can enjoy your hot tub all year round in comfort and safety.

Having Insulation in Your Basement can be Beneficial!

How Getting Basement Insulation Can Be Beneficial

A home is a big responsibility. In order to keep a home in good condition, you will have to take the time to inspect it for repair issues on a regular basis. The basement that a home has will usually go unnoticed until the homeowner decides they want to fix it up. Getting avantagesd’isolation sous-sol can help to save a homeowner a lot of money and stress over the years. In order to get the right results from this insulation job, you will have to find the right professionals to help out. Here are some of the benefits that come along with having your basement insulated.

Reduce the Energy that You Use

For most homeowners, finding ways to cut monthly costs is important and something they are always looking for. By taking the time to have your basement insulated, you will be able to reduce the amount of energy you use. The more insulation that a home has, the less air will be able to escape. When the summer months roll around, you want to have all of the help you can to reduce the energy that you are using. With this investment, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

It is Great Soundproofing

In some cases, a homeowner will want to turn their basement into a media room. When doing this, they will need to think about how to soundproof the room so it will not disturb other members of the household. By putting insulation in, you will be able to reduce the amount of noise that comes out of this room in a cost effective way. Be sure to talk with the professionals that are doing this work to find out what type of insulation they recommend for this job.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Most homeowners fail to realize that finishing a basement is a great way to add value to their residence. When the time comes to sale a home, the homeowner will need to have all of their ducks in a row. Having a finished basement in a home is a great way to entice buyers and make a home more attractive. Getting insulation is a big part of finishing this part of a home. Rather than let this room turn into an eyesore, you can invest a little money and turn it into an appealing part of your residence.

Having a few different companies come out and bid on this job is the best way to find the best possible deal on the insulation work you need.

Do It Yourself Nautical Anchor Art!!

DIY Nautical Art
This looks like a fun Do It Yourself Project for summer-time!! 

Check out the how to!!

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Rainbow Roses! An Elegant Presence in Contemporary Designs!

Rainbow Roses – An Elegant Presence in  Contemporary Designs

Roses have long been known to have specific meanings, and as if it weren’t complicated enough, the colors of the roses can have their own unique meaning as well. While a white rose might express sorrow, a red rose conjures up romance and love; but what about rainbow roses?

A brief history of rose colors and what they mean

Red- Practically the symbolism for love and affection, red is the favored color when it comes to expressing affection.

White- Purity or innocence, this color can also be used to express condolences when a tragic event has happened. Consequently, it may also be used in weddings to express the purity of love.

Yellow- The bright cheerfulness of this rose is considered one of the best flowers to give your best friend. Yellow is a color of joy.

Black- While there is no true ‘Black’ rose, it has become popular in a certain market, for ‘dark romance’. A ‘Black’ rose is actually a deep shade of purple.

And finally:

The Rainbow Rose- Considered to be the ‘Happy Rose’, the Multi-Colored Roses are unique, each and every one wearing color differently, they`re not so common either; yet they have an interesting story.

How and Why the Rainbow Rose Were Created


The Rainbow Rose is a creation from a Dutch flower company owner; Peter van de Werken. After experiencing a particular disappointing drop in his flower sales, he and his employees worked together to come up with an idea to get business booming. It wasn’t long when rainbow roses had been created. Remarkably easy to make, and full of color possibilities, they immediately created the result Peter had been looking for; profitable sales!

The process to create this unique flower is fascinating. Using specialty dyes, a florist can inject the dyes into the stems as they grow, in order to create a striking multi colored effect.

The dyes are obtained from natural plant extracts, and are readily absorbed by the rose plant’s cell structures.


How to Decorate With Rainbow Roses

Typically sold in the millions in the United Kingdom, rainbow roses make great gifts and can even be decorated if used correctly. While their color scheme may not appeal to everyone, it’s definitely daring and would look great in a contemporary or modern household.

Rather than spending a fortune in time and money to go through a complete decorating spree, a bouquet of pure white roses, and some dyes will spiffy up any interior in no time.

A bouquet of these roses can make an interesting conversational piece, and will add color to an otherwise dull room. Whether you’re entranced by the colors, or you want a centerpiece for your living room, creating these flowers is simple and fun.

1. Experiment with Using As a Table Centerpiece

Instead of placing your usual assortment of field flowers in your favorite vase, consider replacing your freshly created rainbow roses in an opaque vase (will hide the incisions from the craft process), in the center of your dining table. Not only will it liven up your living space, but it may serve as a pick me up when you’re feeling less than stellar in life.

2. Use them for Parties and Specialty Events

You don’t have to wait for a wedding to break these unique beauties out, but the color design may be brash for what some are accustomed to. Because the color scheme can be chosen (whichever dyes you pick), a variety of color schemes can be picked. The rainbow rose theme might is equally suitable for younger children’s parties, or even for modern and eclectic apartment dwellers.

Please see the complete tutorial on how you can make a rainbow rose in the comfort of your home  in the info-graphic attached.


Thanks to Giuroiu Anton & Jefferey James for this article contribution!

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Turquoise Birdcages!

Turquoise BirdCage Decor

 These fun turquoise colored bird cages would make an excellent addition to any home decor! If you can’t find them in this bold color, then try spray painting one yourself!

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Safe & Easy Way to Get Rid of Junk!

Reasons to Rent a Dumpster With Your Neighbors

One of the most important decisions that a person will have to make in their lifetime is in regards to where they will live. Finding the right home will not be easy but well worth the time that you invest. Building relationships with the neighbors that you have is important. Being able to create a sense of community will go a long way and can help to increase the safety in an area. There are a number of things that you can do with your neighbors that can be beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why renting a dumpster with your neighbors can be beneficial.

Saves You Money

When trying to find a safe and easy way to get rid of junk, renting a dumpster is the only tool you need. Renting a dumpster on your own can be a very expensive undertaking. Rather than taking on this expense alone, you can talk with your neighbors to see if they would be interested in helping out. By doing this, you will be able to mutually benefit and save a lot of money in the process.

Putting on a Community Event

There will usually come a time when the people in a neighborhood will want to put on an event. Whether it is a barbeque or a community yard sale, having a dumpster handy can be very beneficial. Rather than trying to contend with a lot of trash without a dumpster, you can all pitch in and get the right rental in no time. Before you rent a dumpster from a company, you will have to take the time to ensure they are reputable and what they are going to charge. Getting this type of information will make it much easier for a person to choose the right dumpster rental company.

Getting Spring Cleaning Done

For most people, the springtime is the best time for cleaning out the clutter in their home. Usually, a person will get rid of a number of different things during this time. By talking with your neighbors, you will be able to get some information regarding whether or not they are spring cleaning and if they want to go in halves on a dumpster rental. Doing this will allow you to get your home decluttered without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Renting a dumpster can be great for a variety of different reasons. When finding the right rental company, you will be able to get the bin you need without having to spend a great deal of money.