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Living Room Decorating Ideas!!!

Living Room Decorating Ideas for Your Beach Cottage

As winter approaches and the colder weather bites at our ankles we always start to view our homes a bit differently.  In the summer months, we want our living rooms to feel bright and airy with lots of happy colours like yellow and bright blue mimicking the sunny sky outside. But as autumn sets in and the leaves begin to fall those colours start to lose their appeal.  Instead we begin to crave warm colours that reflect the changing colours of the season and make us feel cosy and safe whilst it’s blowing a gale outside.

Redecorating your living room with the changing of the seasons sounds a bit exhausting though doesn’t it as well as time consuming and expensive, but it needn’t be.  If your living room has a neutral base colour then all it takes is a few new pieces of furniture and a quick swap of accessories and you can have a brand new living room in no time.

Reclaim Your Room

Reclaimed furniture is a hot trend at the moment with companies across the country offering to update that tired set of drawers or rickety old wardrobe.  A new slick of paint can instantly give an item of furniture a new lease of life and it can be quite the opposite way too.  Bare wood with the intricate grain pattern showing would look great in any beach cottage because of its connections to nature so why not strip the paint off instead; you might be surprised by how beautiful it is underneath.

Reclamation isn’t just about big pieces of furniture either.  It’s amazing what gems you can find in antique shops or car boot sales.  Keep a look out for nautical themed accessories like a lovely brass searchlight or a ship’s wheel – sure to create an instant vocal point at a dinner party.  Consider buying some new fabric (or vintage if you can find it) and having some new cushions made, unless you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine yourself!  Textured fabrics in warm colours like rusty orange or olive green will instantly make that sofa so much more inviting.

Treat Yourself to Something New

If you fancy buying something new there are lots of options out there to help make your living room a cosy retreat in the winter.  You might need a bit of extra storage and a great storage piece for a living room is a sideboard.  Try https://www.danetti.com/ for some great choices of sideboard in walnut or dark wood.  If you want something a bit more quirky look out for wicker chests or old suitcases that you can stack up, perfect for storing your winter blankets in.

If the purse strings are a little tighter why not treat yourself to something smaller like a decorative accessory.  Porthole mirrors are a big trend at the moment and what better place to let them shine than in your beach cottage where they’ll feel right at home.  They’re easy to find on budget especially on sites like eBay and the more rustic looking the better.

So there you have it, when it comes to updating your living room ready for winter it really is that simple.  All that’s left is to snuggle up in your favourite blanket and watch the crashing waves.

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Beautiful Seashell Decor for Your Beach Home


beach coastal living interior design

When you walk into your home, do you see a beautifully decorated living space filled with vibrancy and life, or bare white walls and a threadbare carpet begging to be spruced up with your unique style? If the latter screams your name – take heart! There are a myriad of ways to enliven your living space even on a modest budget. A few interesting pieces here and there can transform any home, whether it be a house, apartment or townhome, into a cozy place to relax and enjoy after a hard day of work.

Seashell Interior Design

Seascape Decorations

One of the most fascinating and charming ways to beautify an entire beach home, or simply the living room, kitchen or dining area is with seascape decorations. Decorating with seashells like nautilus, conch, clams, and creatures such as sand dollars and star fish are a simple way to bring tranquility and fun to any home. Ocean themed furniture, pillows and other knickknacks provide a serene, calming living space enabling you to feel as though you are at the beach 24/7.

Coastal Beach House Decor

Where To Find Your Decor

You need not be near the beach to find the items you need. With the advent of the internet everything you need to create your beach bungalow can be found online. Several online retailers offer interesting seashell gifts that can be purchased and shipped safely to your door. Consider using seashell frames to adorn your walls with pictures of yourself, friends and family. Shell themed containers can line your kitchen shelves.

Nautical Beach House Interior Design
Decorative Furniture

If decorative furniture is more your style, consider shell or ocean themed bedspreads, chair cushions, sofas or sofa covers to change out during the holiday season. Ocean themed placemats and rugs can also add a little sea breeze to an otherwise boring kitchen. Even ocean themed drapes can do wonders for otherwise uninteresting windows.

Whether you choose to add a little or a lot to your living space, seashell decor is an excellent way to brighten any room and add a touch of the beach to your own home.

Whether you choose to add a little or a lot to your living space, seashell decor is an excellent way to brighten any room and add a touch of the beach to your own home.

Beach House Interior Design Decor
Seashell Decor


Nautical Office Space by Home Bunch!

I am loving this nautical office space in this home!!  

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Grown Up Nautical Style Living Room!

“Give your living room grown-up nautical style with this smart take on the Long Island look. Start with a traditional dark wood and cream palette and add accents of smart navy on tailored upholstery, soft furnishings and geometric-weave flooring.” 
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Do-It-Yourself Nautical Craft Pumpkin!

If you have some time and fun nautical fabric; give this DIY craft a try!!

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Decorating Your Tropical Bedroom!

tropical bedroom decorating
Who says that you can’t use fun and bright wall paper in your tropical beach home? I say jazz it up as much as possible! 

Discovered on Decoist!

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