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Charming St Barts Cottage!

st barts cottage

Designer Barry Dixon got inspired by tropical greens and ocean blues to bring new life to this St. Barts cottage!

st barts cottage loft

The cozy loft!

st barts cottage porch

A delightful porch!

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New Mini Prints from Kim Rody Art!!

red hermit crab mini print
Red Hermit Mini Print!
powder blue tangent triptych
Powder Blue Tangent Triptych Print! 
Check out more prints like these and more!!!

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DIY Fisherman Netting Jars!

DIY Fisherman Netting Jars
Hang onto those jars you’ve used for salsa, pickles or sauces! They can be used again! There are ways to color these jars as well! Check that tutorial out here!  

For the entire Fisherman Netting Do-It-Yourself, check it out here!! 

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Beach Bags from Ocean Offerings!!

Sailor Bags Large Sailcloth
Sailor Bags Large Sailcloth Tote – Free Shipping!
seafarer tote
Seafarer Tote!
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Discover more coastal goods and more at Ocean Offerings!!

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Tropical Wallpaper!!

tropical wallpaper designer guild

“A mesh of lush leaves in an array of greens makes us feel as though we are living on a hidden isle.”

> blue jungle tropical wallpaper

“Rich shades of blue come together for a winning combination in this jungle-inspired wallpaper.”
hot pink tropical wallpaper
“We love the vibrant pink and intricate details of this bold wallpaper—try using it on a pair of sliding closet doors.”
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Discovered on Design Deck!

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DIY Bubble Chandelier!!

DIY Bubble Chandelier
This is such an awesome idea! Use old clear Christmas ornaments and a bit of fishing wire.  Hang near a light and viola!! What a great way to use old or new ornaments!

Discovered on Any Home Decor!

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