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Check Out Summer Triangle Pottery!!

Summer Triangle Pottery is an independent pottery studio specializing in handcrafted wares for the home and garden!

Located on The Clay Lady’s Campus in Nashville, the studio is owned by a husband and wife team who have been throwing and designing for over 12 years.  Wares are handcrafted from three different types of clay & reflect the experiences of each of the clay artist owners.

Materials include speckled stoneware, terra cotta, and durable white stoneware!

fancy focus mugs

Pattern Mugs in Teal & Seaspray!

full moon ice cream bowls

Terra Cotta Full Moon Ice Cream Bowls!

the blues dinnerware

The Blues Dinnerware!

the camden harbor olive oil and bread set

The Camden Harbor Bread & Olive Oil Set!

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Freshen Up Your Home With These Bright Colors!

lemon and turquoise

purple color palette
pastel color palette

We can’t get enough of these stunning color palettes!! I wouldn’t mind using some of these colors to freshen up my home!

Check out some great color palettes here at The Perfect Palette!

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DIY Tropical Shell Fish!!

DIY Seashell Art
With some fun colored paint, different sized shells and some googly eyes you can make these great fish projects with the kids!!

Discovered on All Free Kids Crafts!

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Anchor Love!!

anchor chevron jewelry

Anchor Watches!

anchor handbag

Elizabeth Jamieson Sandpiper Anchor Bag!


anchor stud earrings

Anchor Stud Earrings!

We love all things anchor!! Check out these fun anchor accessories and come follow our Anchor Board on Pinterest!! 

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New Art Prints from Gyotaku!!

starfish print
seahorse print
These fun prints from Gyotaku are so fun! And they’re having an April Sale!!

15% OFF all purchases for APRIL ONLY. USE Coupon code 15OFFALL Expires April 30th 2015

Discovered at Gyotaku on Etsy!

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DIY Nautical Pilings with Pool Noodles!

Nautical Pilings made from pool noodles
“The original plan was to group five lengths of noodles into one piling bundle but it worked out that making two groups of three noodles on each side was better.  The Dollar Tree was my source for cheap noodles and for wood-looking adhesive paper to cover them.”
This is such a cute idea!!

Discovered on Miss Kopy Kat!!

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