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Green with Envy for this Tropical Island Villa

By: Nancy McAleer

Sometimes, when I am searching through endless travel sites, I get a little green with envy. It’s not that I’m a bad person by nature, it’s just that I wish I had a little place in the sun to go to when I am stuck up north in the cold harsh weather.

In fact, I could completely skip autumn without blinking, winter I can definitely do without… brrrr…. springtime gives me hope that my hibernation is coming to an end and then there’s summer…. now that’s the time for me. Is it the lush year round tropical green settings that make me green with envy? You betcha!

While surfing the other day, this gorgeous waterfront home stopped me dead in my tracks, not actually surfing in the ocean but on my computer of course. Yup…it definitely made me green with envy.

outdoor sealife green patio

Can you believe the outdoor living area next to the pool? How fabulous is that? I picture myself whipping up some tropical margaritas behind the outdoor bar and happily watching TV while the kids happily play in the pool. Heaven!

tropical sea life room ceiling fan
Not only do I love the way the owners have decorated fresh and airy outdoor cabana the same colours that you find in the turquoise pool and lime green palms, but I absolutely love the way they decorated the indoor spaces with the same beach-y colours. It makes me feel so happy, it matches it’s name… Sea Life Happy!

sea life happy kitchen green and blues

This sunny waterfront home is located in Anna Maria Island, Florida where the year round temperatures are sure to please my summertime sensibilities. With the juicy tropical decor, it creates the sense of living on the Caribbean Islands with lazy days and warm breezy nights.

And the owners have another cute bungalow, perfect for snowbirds and romantic  holiday vacations. With the same fabulous sense of style and colour in turquoise, yellows and lime green. I would love to share a glass of champagne in that cocktail pool. Just enough space for me and my loved one. Only steps to the beach, I may have to visit without my kids!

florida beach home living room greens and blues

It’s time to stop being green with envy and take the leap right into that pool!

tropical florida beach house blues and greens

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Check Out Summer Triangle Pottery!!

Summer Triangle Pottery is an independent pottery studio specializing in handcrafted wares for the home and garden!

Located on The Clay Lady’s Campus in Nashville, the studio is owned by a husband and wife team who have been throwing and designing for over 12 years.  Wares are handcrafted from three different types of clay & reflect the experiences of each of the clay artist owners.

Materials include speckled stoneware, terra cotta, and durable white stoneware!

fancy focus mugs

Pattern Mugs in Teal & Seaspray!

full moon ice cream bowls

Terra Cotta Full Moon Ice Cream Bowls!

the blues dinnerware

The Blues Dinnerware!

the camden harbor olive oil and bread set

The Camden Harbor Bread & Olive Oil Set!

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Corallo Blue Coastal Dinnerware from Vietri

Catch Them While You Can – Vietri Coastal Dinnerware Sale

Vietri Dinnerware Sale


If you like AWESOME deals and you LOVE Vietri Coastal Dinnerware then now is the time to save 40% off the Corallo Collection.  Each piece is handmade in Nove, Italy of Italian stoneware with a new high-fired and durable crystalline glaze. Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. The durability of the stoneware will serve you well when taking to beach parties or backyard barbecues.

40% off the Corallo Collection

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Corallo Blue Large Round Platter


Corallo Blue Coastal Dinnerware from Vietri

Corallo Sand Serving Bowl

corallo white bowl

Corallo Blue Rectangular Handled Platter

Corallo Blue Coastal Platter from Vietri

Corallo Sand Salad Plate

Corallo White Salad Plate

Corallo Blue Serving Bowl

Corallo Blue Coastal Serving Bowl from Vietri


Plates are perfect for appetizers, desserts or a picnic on the beach.  Use the large platters for grilled shrimp or wrap up artfully arranged sandwiches for lunch the beach! The handled platters (our favorite!) make serving sliced meats, vegetables or cheeses a breeze.  The bowls can be filled with oatmeal or homemade soup.  The blue and white are a perfect nautical delight!

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