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DIY Pillar Candles with Sand!

DIY pillar candles
Update plain, boring pillar candles with sand and seashells.  These would be perfect for a beach themed wedding or just casual summer time dinner with friends.

Discovered on The V Spot Blog!

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Tropical Wallpaper!!

tropical wallpaper designer guild

“A mesh of lush leaves in an array of greens makes us feel as though we are living on a hidden isle.”

> blue jungle tropical wallpaper

“Rich shades of blue come together for a winning combination in this jungle-inspired wallpaper.”
hot pink tropical wallpaper
“We love the vibrant pink and intricate details of this bold wallpaper—try using it on a pair of sliding closet doors.”
Thanks for reading!!

Discovered on Design Deck!

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Tropical Palm Tree Decor!

artificial phoenix palm tree
This amazing Artificial Phoenix Palm Tree makes a statement in this tropical living room!!  We love the shells, candles and bright colors used!

Discovered on Evergreen Direct!!

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Shells Galore at Loving Coastal Living!!

sea biscuit chunky sand dollar
Sea Biscuit Chunky Sand Dollar!
baby flat scallop shells
Baby Flat Scallop Shells!
Get these and more!!!

Discovered on Loving Coastal Living!!

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Home Decor from Cathy’s Coastal Creations!

sugar starfish

Sugar Starfish!

wisdom from the ocean sign

Wisdom from the Ocean Sign!

Discovered on Cathy’s Coastal Creations!! 

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Crafting with Seashells from Just Beachy!!

marble cone shell
Marble Cone Shells!
mitra shells
Mitra Shells!
callista venus shells
Callista Venus Shells!

We love all of these shells! So head over to Just Beachy Now! And get crafting!!

Discovered at Just Beachy Now!

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