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Coastal Bedrooms Galore!

coastal bedroom
aqua bedroom
Bedrooms galore!! I want both of these rooms!  

Tips for Making Your Holiday Cottage Feel Like Home!

Tips for Making Your Holiday Cottage Feel Like Home

If you’re lucky enough to own a holiday cottage either here in the UK or abroad, I’m sure you’ll be wanting to know how to make it feel like home. Owning a property to holiday in is ideal for being able to get away for a quick break whenever you want. Unfortunately, while I’m sure you’d like to spend all of your time in your holiday cottage, work commitments mean that you spend most of the year living at home. This can mean that you don’t feel as comfortable as you do at home when living in your holiday cottage. Here are a few tips for making your holiday cottage feel like a home from home.

Decorate It with Pictures of Your Family

One thing that helps to make a house a home is pictures dotted around the place of beloved friends and family members. We all like to look at pictures of our loved ones when feeling a little down, and this also helps to make a space personal to you and your family. So buy some new photo frames and print some of your favourite family pictures to display all around your holiday cottage.

Install Some Mood Lighting to Give It That Cozy Feel

We all like to feel cosy at home, in our own safe haven. The perfect way to give your holiday cottage that cosy feel is to install some lighting that will set the perfect atmosphere. Simple lighting like fairy lights or candles will dim the light perfectly in the evening. If you want something more permanent, then buy some lighting with dimming features. Hire a local tradesman to fit your lighting to avoid a stressful DIY situation while on your holidays.

Go For the Same Colour Theme In Your Holiday Cottage

I’m sure that your home has its own colour scheme, so transfer this to your holiday cottage to make it feel like a home from home. It doesn’t have to be a permanent, time consuming change like painting the walls to copy your home’s colour scheme. Things as simple as rugs and bedding will help to give your holiday cottage that overall colour. If you also have a pattern theme at home, give your holiday cottage this theme as well.

Try to Spend as Much Time There as Possible!

This is definitely the best way to make your holiday cottage feel like home. The great thing about having a holiday property is that you can go to it whenever you want. If you have a spare weekend free then pack up your car or book your flights and have a relaxing weekend to recuperate from a long week at work.

Using our easy tips will definitely help you to give your holiday cottage that homely feel that you’re looking for. Make sure it’s cozy and has everything that you need to live, this will mean you don’t have to pack loads of things when visiting.

Bring Old World Sailing Charm Alive in Your Den!

We’re magnetized by old-world charm and the fascination of ancient adventures, aren’t we?


We just love the tales of brave explorers discovering and documenting new lands, uncovering unknown ways of living, and surviving despite the hardship of it all. Even though we know realistically it’d be really hard to actually enjoy such an adventure ourselves, we can’t help but long for it.


The stories of old-time sailors commissioned by their governments to set out and discover new lands and buried treasures hint of the kind of danger, adventure, and unknown like we’ll never experience in our own information age.


But just because we don’t get to actually live that adventure for ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t bring the feeling of that adventure into our homes and the places (like our dens) where we spend most of our time anyway.


Here’s three ways we can bring that old-world sailing charm into our modern dens:


  1. Wooden Accents

Because these old sailing and pirate ships were made of wood, making sure you’ve got plenty of visible, exposed, appropriately-colored wood in your den is one of the easiest ways to create a base for your old-world sailing decor to come alive.
Wood stains, shiplap wood, and wooden beams on your ceiling give the feeling of stepping into the underbelly of a ship every single time you step into your den.

wood stain
Here’s what brand new wood can look like after a bit of painting, sanding, and staining. (Source: Reality Daydream)

shiplap wood

Do you see how shiplap wood on the walls helps enhance the feel of being inside a boat? (Source: Home Bunch)

wooden beams

Wooden beams add a magical feel of being below deck. (Source: Kelly in the City)

  1. Lighting

I don’t think I have to tell you that pirates didn’t have overhead florescent lighting that blinded them every time they decided to turn it on.


In fact, it’s quite the opposite: they’d often have to squint until their eyes adjusted to the low lighting.


I’m not suggesting you put your eye health at risk. (In fact, please don’t!)


But I am suggesting that you not drown your room in artificial light.


Plenty of natural light during the day from the windows is totally fine, because just think of how much sunshine the sailors were exposed to on deck.


But at night is when you can really let that old world sailing charm come alive with carefully-selected lamps and light fixtures that add a subtle hue of light to let you see everything well enough to know what you’re doing and where you’re going… but also leave some darker, more shadowed corners to mystery.
So instead of strong overhead lights, try rustic, covered lamps, hanging lanterns, or old-world chandeliers.

rope lamp

In fact, wrapping rope around any lamp that’s already in your den is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a nautical vibe to any covered lamp. (Source: The Avarice)

This Spanish-style rustic iron chandelier with imitation candles adds an incredible old world touch with soft light. (Source: Forja Lighting)

  1. Decor Pieces

The right wooden accents and lighting will go a long way to creating that feeling of nostalgic charm you’re after.


But you can really put the finishing touches on the look and feel… and make the theme easily identifiable by your guests with decor pieces.


You can use large ship wheels hung as a statement piece behind your furniture, model ships on your shelves, rope to hang your decor, and “treasure chests” as coffee tables.

ship wheel

Here’s a captain’s wheel making a huge statement about the vibe of the room over a fireplace. This is a study, but you can imagine the same thing in a cozy den, can’t you? (Source: Classic Casual Home)

model ship on shelf

Even on shelves where you store a lot of non-nautical themed items you use in your day-to-day life, adding something like a model ship gives even functional parts of your room a magical, old world touch. (Source: Almost Makes Perfect)

Lake Martin Photographer, Framed Photo Wall Gallery

Lake Martin Photographer, Framed Photo Wall Gallery

Even a tiny bit of rope can go a long way to help give decidedly non-nautical decor items a nautical vibe to fit in with the rest of the room. (Source: Lake House Decor)

chest coffee table

Shopping around for an old trunk like this one to use as a coffee table will add a fun ‘buried treasure’ vibe to the old world nautical feel you’re going for. (Source: Funky Junk)


Start Small & Keep Piling on the Charm

I’m a huge fan of starting in DIY home design. I often find that when I want to re-do a room, all I usually have to do is buy one decor piece I really love, place it in the room, and let inspiration take over to make one small change after another until the room is completely finished.


Which decor piece that we featured in the blog post did you find the most charming?


Author Bio:

Alan Monday is the founder of Stylish Nautical Living and author of the DIY Nautical Room Guide, which walks you through how to redesign a room in one of three nautical themes for $550 or less.

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Best Shell & SeaGlass Beaches in the USA!

best beaches with seaglass
There are so many fantastic beaches around the world that have sea glass and seashells. Follow the link below for a list from the USA!! 
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Discovered on Sea Tail Shop!

Aqua & White Shell Shadowboxes!!

aqua shadow boxes
We are in love with these aqua seashell shadow boxes!! There’s a bonus with this article, there’s a how to create below!!

Discovered on The Handcrafted Life!! 

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DIY Vintage Beach Mason Jars!

DIY summer beach jars
“To create my Beach Jars, I just gathered a few beach-y elements to start layering them in!” 
These are so cute and unique.

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