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DIY: How to Clean Driftwood!

DIY how to clean driftwood

Ever wonder how to clean all that driftwood that you’ve gathered on your recent trip to the beach?  Well here’s how! “I look for wood that has been well cleaned in the current, all the bark stripped and the wood smoothed. I hone in on pieces that look “interesting” or that might provide a substantially strong base for hardscaping.”

Discovered on Ball Pythons.Net!

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DIY Beach Pallet

diy beach house pallet

Who knew that pallets could look so sophisticated?  We love the usage of blue and green paint! Use this DIY beach pallet indoors or outdoors in your home!

Discovered on Whimsybythesea!

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DIY Shell Wall Hanging!

Starfish wall art DIY

This is such a fun DIY idea!  Do you have a stash of seashells that you could make something with?  Gather up your shells and supplies and start crafting!

Discovered on H2O Bungalow

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DIY Shutter Headboard

DIY headboard
I love this Do-it-Yourself shutter headboard.  Any color would look great, but I do love this aqua color.  “We had 2 different size shutters, which helped with the placement, however you can do this in so many ways” 

Discovered on Samantha & Elizabeth!

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Bold Aqua Wallpaper!

aqua geomentric wallpaper bathroom

Bathrooms can be small in some houses, but if they are why not make them stand out?  Using a bold colored wallpaper; it gives this room some great personality!  “And we took turquoise as far as it could go in this one.  Says designer Mona Ross Berman.

Wallpaper is by Studio Printworks!

Discovered on House Beautiful!

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