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DIY Trifle Bowl – Sea Inspired Centerpiece!

diy trifle beach bowl
Who knew that trifle bowl in your china cabinet could be used for something other than desserts? This is fantastic and so easy! 

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Do It Yourself Nautical Anchor Art!!

DIY Nautical Art
This looks like a fun Do It Yourself Project for summer-time!! 

Check out the how to!!

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Rainbow Roses! An Elegant Presence in Contemporary Designs!

Rainbow Roses – An Elegant Presence in  Contemporary Designs

Roses have long been known to have specific meanings, and as if it weren’t complicated enough, the colors of the roses can have their own unique meaning as well. While a white rose might express sorrow, a red rose conjures up romance and love; but what about rainbow roses?

A brief history of rose colors and what they mean

Red- Practically the symbolism for love and affection, red is the favored color when it comes to expressing affection.

White- Purity or innocence, this color can also be used to express condolences when a tragic event has happened. Consequently, it may also be used in weddings to express the purity of love.

Yellow- The bright cheerfulness of this rose is considered one of the best flowers to give your best friend. Yellow is a color of joy.

Black- While there is no true ‘Black’ rose, it has become popular in a certain market, for ‘dark romance’. A ‘Black’ rose is actually a deep shade of purple.

And finally:

The Rainbow Rose- Considered to be the ‘Happy Rose’, the Multi-Colored Roses are unique, each and every one wearing color differently, they`re not so common either; yet they have an interesting story.

How and Why the Rainbow Rose Were Created


The Rainbow Rose is a creation from a Dutch flower company owner; Peter van de Werken. After experiencing a particular disappointing drop in his flower sales, he and his employees worked together to come up with an idea to get business booming. It wasn’t long when rainbow roses had been created. Remarkably easy to make, and full of color possibilities, they immediately created the result Peter had been looking for; profitable sales!

The process to create this unique flower is fascinating. Using specialty dyes, a florist can inject the dyes into the stems as they grow, in order to create a striking multi colored effect.

The dyes are obtained from natural plant extracts, and are readily absorbed by the rose plant’s cell structures.


How to Decorate With Rainbow Roses

Typically sold in the millions in the United Kingdom, rainbow roses make great gifts and can even be decorated if used correctly. While their color scheme may not appeal to everyone, it’s definitely daring and would look great in a contemporary or modern household.

Rather than spending a fortune in time and money to go through a complete decorating spree, a bouquet of pure white roses, and some dyes will spiffy up any interior in no time.

A bouquet of these roses can make an interesting conversational piece, and will add color to an otherwise dull room. Whether you’re entranced by the colors, or you want a centerpiece for your living room, creating these flowers is simple and fun.

1. Experiment with Using As a Table Centerpiece

Instead of placing your usual assortment of field flowers in your favorite vase, consider replacing your freshly created rainbow roses in an opaque vase (will hide the incisions from the craft process), in the center of your dining table. Not only will it liven up your living space, but it may serve as a pick me up when you’re feeling less than stellar in life.

2. Use them for Parties and Specialty Events

You don’t have to wait for a wedding to break these unique beauties out, but the color design may be brash for what some are accustomed to. Because the color scheme can be chosen (whichever dyes you pick), a variety of color schemes can be picked. The rainbow rose theme might is equally suitable for younger children’s parties, or even for modern and eclectic apartment dwellers.

Please see the complete tutorial on how you can make a rainbow rose in the comfort of your home  in the info-graphic attached.


Thanks to Giuroiu Anton & Jefferey James for this article contribution!

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DIY Pillar Candles with Sand!

DIY pillar candles
Update plain, boring pillar candles with sand and seashells.  These would be perfect for a beach themed wedding or just casual summer time dinner with friends.

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DIY Starfish Table Runner!

DIY Stamped starfish table runner
This is such a cute idea!! Get an old table runner, some starfish and paint and get at it!!
starfish table runner

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