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A Tropical Makeover

bhg tropical home decor

I love all the pops of tropical color used in this living room! “Bright yellow was the unifier color in this room and helps bring out a modern, midcentury retro vibe.”

Discovered on Better Homes & Gardens!

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How to turn a room into a coastal gem!

sara richardson coastal home
To get this fresh and clean coastal look, you can try “ocean inspired color palettes, touches of subtle sparkle from glass and mirrors, and “found”, natural elements from the sea or coast as decor accessories.” Don’t forget the wall color and seashells too!

Discovered on Sand and Sisal!

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Tropical Home Decor

tropical beach house room

I’m loving all of these bright and tropical colors.  While it’s a bold choice, it may be best to start with a mood board of colors, patterns and ideas.  Once you’ve found what you’re looking for; dive right in!!

Discovered on BHG Australia!

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Beach Inspired Living Room

bhg florida home

Any living room can be beach inspired! Just add some touches such as some fun pillows and turquoise colored blankets or vases.  I love adding some seashells into the mix too!

Discovered on Better Homes & Gardens!

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DIY Pallet Bed

diy pallet bed

Using a pallet can be multi-funtional.  This way its used in a bedroom as a box spring.  Find some pallets, clean them and perhaps paint them with a white finish.  “You can decorate the bed with bright colored pillows, cushions and led lightening effects to give a new look to your bedroom.”  Then place your mattress on top and viola! You have a unique design in the bedroom!

Discovered on 101 Pallets!

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