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Nautical Blues!

Nautical Blues

I love these nautical blues!  They’d be fantastic in any home!  “Any one of which is sure to inject your home with classic style, and bring a summer coastal vibe into your abode.”

Discovered on Censational Girl!

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Adesso Spotlight Table Lamp from Lamps.com

Spot Light Table Lamp with Nautical Feel


Adesso Spotlight Table Lamp from Lamps.com

The Spot Light Table Lamp is a great piece of lighting ingenuity, and a favorite at Lamps.com.  Adesso has given us something worth a second look with this modern lighting fixture that provides a nautical feel.  The tri-pod base provides flexibility of placement and the spotlight can shine brightly in any corner or room of your home. We’re currently are using ours in our art studio, but it works in pretty much any room of our beach cottage. Visit Lamps.com and check out all of their Nautical Light Fixture options.

Discovered on Lamps.com


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Kona Ambient Table Lamp

5 Coastal Lamps to Light Up Your World!


Coastal Lamps are an easy way to light up your world!  I was thinking about  how great an investment lighting for your beach home really is.  Yes, some higher-end coastal table lamps can be pricey upfront, however when you think about how many years of durable use they provide, they really aren’t that expensive.  If the table lamp is beautiful then it’s almost like an investment in art too, especially those which are handcrafted with shells and such.

Think of it this way….If you pay $200 for a lamp and have it for 10 years then it’s only costing you $20 a year or $1.66 a month! You spend more than $1.66 a month on Starbucks or other items which don’t provide value, don’t you? Hmmmm….do I have you thinking now?

Here are five Coastal Lamps which will light up your world and are all a great investment for your home!  Don’t forget to leave a comment as to which is your favorite.


Currey & Company’s Lynnhaven Table Lamp is a fabulous accent for any home.  Natural oyster shells are used to create this organic lamp which is available from our friends at Ocean Offerings.   The lamp is accented with a natural burlap shade and is embellished with black wood accents.  What a showpiece this table lamp would be in YOUR coastal-inspired home design.

Oyster Shell Table Lamp from Ocean Offerings

This Deep Turquoise Retro Beach Lamp would be gorgeous in a beach house. Available from Caron’s Beach House and you can save 10% on it by using coupon code: March14 if you order this week!

5 Coastal Lamps to Light Up Your World from Carons Beach House

Coastal Style Gifts offers this delightful Octopus Shade Table Lamp and the added bonus is that you receive a set of 2. This is a modern lamp with a octopus shade over a glass base which offers a refreshing classic coastal elegance.

Octopus Shade Table Lamp

Pottery Barn’s Kona Ambient Table Lamp creates a glowing seascape in your living spaces. It looks like an illuminated sea urchin — how fun is that?

Pottery Barn lamp

Brighten up your room with this nautical lamp from Ocean Styles!  This Seahorse Table Lamp will surely bring warmth and charm to your home or office. The size and colors of this lamp will be a great match for your nautical decor whether you live in the city or near the beach.

Seahorse Lamp from Ocean Styles

Which one is your favorite Coastal Table Lamp?

White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Crazy for Capiz Shell Lamps

Contemporary Dining Room by Minneapolis General Contractor REFINED LLC

A capiz shell lamp provides a favorite spot in your beach house with a soft, diffused light — perfect for the bedroom, den or library.  They used to cost thousands of dollars, but are now widely available at affordable prices.  Since capiz shells reflect light, some light fixtures don’t even have a light inside; they hang like chandeliers and get their glow from other light sources.  Here are some of our favorite designs, which one is your favorite?

Lotus Flower Chandelier

Price: $162.25 | Visit Store »

Worlds Away Croc Capiz Shell Ball Pendant

Price: $412.50 |  Visit Store »


White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Price: $138.00 | Visit Store »

Made Goods Gemma Chandelier

Price: $2,039.00 | Visit Store »

Venus Pendant Pink

Price: $423.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Pendant

Price: $199.00 | Visit Store »

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant, Gray

Price: $299.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Shell Pendants in Dining Room

Website: http://www.meyerandmeyerarchitects.com

mussels coastal table accent lamp

Coastal Accent Lamps Can Transform a Room


Coastal Accent lamps are regularly utilized as decorative lighting and/or for you to illuminate small, cozy areas, such as the craft table, nursery and desk. They could additionally make a colorful or subtle ambient glow next to bookcases as well as hobby collections or in an unused corner of a home. The lamps are an effortless, as well as, affordable way to change the look and décor of the space.

Click on each lamp photo for more information…

Coastal Accent Lamp

Every place from the living room end tables to your reading corner to the bedroom nightstand on the way to your nursery could be some sort of possible position meant for an accent lamp. Coastal accent lighting fixtures are a terrific way to provide simply a little brightness along with a little character to a bedroom. A bare area on your shelf can just come to life by way of nicely positioned light.

Decorating using an accent lamp gives the look as well as feel of a professionally decorated home. Your apartment is usually your statement to the world and everyone desires the feel a comfortable yet exquisite place to call home. Decorative lamps should fit in with the design of the room. This does not mean they need to match up perfectly, though. Shade fabrics will range from, linen, silk, paper, luminescent mica, vinyl, Tiffany in addition to ornamental stained (Tiffany lamp shades) along with cut glass. Your shade attached to an accent lamp needs to extend to conceal around three-quarters of the base and should be wider than your bottom. Shades will be able to be constructed of just about any material, however the most common are usually glass silk, cotton, linen, and paper. People also find Swag lamps to be very useful.

Table lamps are available with amazing accents such as fabric fringe, beaded fringe, or pull switches. There are usually fabric shades or even glass shades from which to choose.


Original article: http://advice-life.co.uk/2010/01/accent-lamp/

nautical wall sconce

Nautical Home Lighting Brightens Up Autumn

Thinking about home lighting doesn’t usually occur to me until this time each and every year.  Maybe it’s the fact the table lamps and pendant fixtures are shining brightly more hours of each day.  I’ve noticed that my eyes are straining to see more often lately so it’s time to move those table lamps around to get the most out of them.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to work on interior home projects like adding nautically-inspired wallpaper to a room.   If you’ve finished your painting and wallpaper then why not add some new light fixtures?  Lighting can create instant ambiance within a space; both by the light it emits and the beauty of the piece itself.

Many people probably feel that I have spent too many hours choosing the lights for our beach cottage.  It is not for lack of decision-making, but the fact that a light can be a real focal point and needs to be functional for the space it is used in.  Over the past decade, I’ve done 90% of my light fixtures shopping from e-Bay and found some fabulous deals.   I have no problem in spending a bit more money for a light fixture since it is a practical and functional investment; however getting a good deal is still important.   Table lamps…well, that’s another story.

I tend to find table lamps at garage sales, antique stores and the such.  Since I steer away from matchy-matchy decor, it is fun to find one lamp here and one lamp there.  If I pay a garage sale price then I can more freely experiment with painting the lamp, gluing on shells and ribbon to the lamp shades…you know what I mean, right!?

If you find a nautical light style that you like, then save to Pinterest, save a photo to your iPad or print out the photo for inspiration while searching for one which fits your budget.  I forgot one important thing – have fun and enjoy the days of Autumn!

Click on each photo for more details…


Visit Store »  Fredeco Nautical Rustic Island Pendant made of brass with 2 lights & grilled wire.

Nautical Home Lighting

Tropical Kitchen Lighting And Cabinet Lighting design by Lighting Fixtures Fredeco Lighting


Visit Store » Hanging nautical pendant with brass shade and large glass available in different finishes

Nautical Home Lighting

Mediterranean Pendant Lighting design by Lighting Fixtures Fredeco Lighting


Visit Store » Fredeco Italian Nautical Polished Brass Round Bulkhead Light.

Nautical Home Lighting

Wall Sconces design by Lighting Fixtures Fredeco Lighting

 Visit Store »  Classic Casual Home believes this light makes a nice nautical statement over a front door.

Nautical Home Lighting

Traditional Ceiling Lighting design by Urban Archaeology

Visit Store » The Barn Light Rocket Pendant light offers an old nautical cottage feeling.

Nautical Home Lighting

Eclectic Pendant Lighting design by Tampa Lighting Fixtures Barn Light Electric Company

Visit Store »  Fredeco Nautical Wall Sconce with anchor on top and grilled around the glass.

Nautical Home Lighting

Tropical Wall Sconces design by Lighting Fixtures Fredeco Lighting


Visit Store »  Mid Century Nautical Light Fixture was removed from a craftsman bungalow built in the 1950′s.

Nautical Home Lighting

Modern Ceiling Lighting design by New York Furniture And Accessories Second Shout Out

Visit Store » When searching for lighting, don’t rule out bringing outdoor-grade lights indoors.

Nautical Home Lighting

Traditional Wall Sconces design by Lighting Fixtures Circa Lighting

Visit Store »  Add a nautical look to a room without having to hire an electrician.

Nautical Home Lighting

Modern Table Lamps design by Kids And Nursery Pottery Barn Kids

Visit Store »  A small Ceiling Light from Ralph Lauren is simple, modern & nautically-influenced.

Nautical Home Lighting

Traditional Ceiling Lighting design by Ralph Lauren Home

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