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Adesso Spotlight Table Lamp from Lamps.com

Spot Light Table Lamp with Nautical Feel


Adesso Spotlight Table Lamp from Lamps.com

The Spot Light Table Lamp is a great piece of lighting ingenuity, and a favorite at Lamps.com.  Adesso has given us something worth a second look with this modern lighting fixture that provides a nautical feel.  The tri-pod base provides flexibility of placement and the spotlight can shine brightly in any corner or room of your home. We’re currently are using ours in our art studio, but it works in pretty much any room of our beach cottage. Visit Lamps.com and check out all of their Nautical Light Fixture options.

Discovered on Lamps.com


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Nautical Lighting Little Harbor_B3572-008

Nautical Fixtures for a Stylish Beach Home


These lovely Nautical Fixtures for a Stylish Beach Home were shared with us directly from the manufacturers. As you’ll see, each light and bathroom fixture possesses a nautical-inspired theme.

When it comes to warm weather fun, there’s no better place to let your cares drift away than down by the sea.  The ocean breeze and salty air don’t just reinvigorate the mind and body – they can also provide some stylish inspiration.  As we push off the dock and sail away, here’s a look at our favorite nautical designs suitable for sailors or landlubbers alike.

Anchors Aweigh Lighting Options for a Stylish Beach Home

Troy Lighting’s Catch ‘N’ Release, Little Harbor and Merchant Street collections are all nautically-inspired creations perfect for a stylish beach home.

Catch ‘N’ Release ~ With rustic warmth and natural charm, this pendant light is certain to reel you in.  A cylindrical, natural linen shade silk-screened with a diverse sea of swimming fish is surrounded by a mesh cage made of hand-worked iron finished in Angler bronze, while a whimsical fishhook links the stem to chain suspension.  This fixture is available in a variety of sizes!

Nautical Lighting Ideas CATCH-N-RELEASE pendant lamp

Little Harbor ~ On dark and stormy nights at sea, ships need a friendly light to guide the way. When a lighthouse won’t do, try the next best thing.  This light fixture draws inspiration from the past and the busy, seafaring communities of the East and West coasts. Made from solid brass and finished with forged black accents, the fixture creates a rich, nautical look from sea to shining sea.

Nautical Lighting Little Harbor_B3572-008

Merchant Street ~ Inspired by the vintage treasure discovered while searching the back roads of America, the Merchant Street collection is reminiscent of early industrial shelving in a wharf-side warehouse.  The hand-worked wrought iron frame is finished in rusty iron and edged with horizontal salvaged wood slats.  A warm glow emanates from inside its mesh cylindrical core through optional flame tip early electric lamps.

Search for retailers in your area here: http://www.troy-lighting.com/contents/search_dealer.asp

Nautical Lighting Ideas MERCHANT_STREET-F4068

For Barcelona and Sublime featured below, visit Corbett Lighting – www.corbettlighting.com

Sublime ~ Perfect for lighting up your room’s port or starboard side the Sublime Series captures the essence of the maritime look. 

Nautical Lighting Ideas Porthole SUBLIME-171-11

Barcelona ~ Inspired by a fisherman’s net. Barcelona showcases a diverse and highly creative design sense reminiscent of the city that shares its name.  A melange of crystal and hand-formed Italian drops in a medley of subtle color are suspended by a unique jewelry chain.  The handcrafted iron pendants, sconces, islands and semi-flush light fixtures feature a highly distinguished silver and gold leaf finish.

Nautical Lighting BARCELONA

Spirit ~ Contemporary, and with a clean classic design, the Spirit Faucet by THG, is a welcome addition to the modern bathroom. Evoking the luxurious lodgings of an ocean liner or yacht, the Spirit’s grace is marked by its polished chrome handles and makes a simplistic yet refined statement.  For Spirit by THG – www.thgusa.com

Nautical Faucet

Palomba Freestanding Tub ~ This tub creates a dynamic, asymmetrical look that recalls a natural water basin carved out of the rocks over the millennia.  Its organic and asymmetrical shape channels the beauty of water’s evolving form as it continuously changes to fill the basin. These natural lines mold to the contours of the body and provide ergonomic support – perfect for soaking those tired sea legs.  For the Palomba tub by LAUFEN – www.us.laufen.com

Freestanding Tub for soaking your sea legs

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Kona Ambient Table Lamp

5 Coastal Lamps to Light Up Your World!


Coastal Lamps are an easy way to light up your world!  I was thinking about  how great an investment lighting for your beach home really is.  Yes, some higher-end coastal table lamps can be pricey upfront, however when you think about how many years of durable use they provide, they really aren’t that expensive.  If the table lamp is beautiful then it’s almost like an investment in art too, especially those which are handcrafted with shells and such.

Think of it this way….If you pay $200 for a lamp and have it for 10 years then it’s only costing you $20 a year or $1.66 a month! You spend more than $1.66 a month on Starbucks or other items which don’t provide value, don’t you? Hmmmm….do I have you thinking now?

Here are five Coastal Lamps which will light up your world and are all a great investment for your home!  Don’t forget to leave a comment as to which is your favorite.


Currey & Company’s Lynnhaven Table Lamp is a fabulous accent for any home.  Natural oyster shells are used to create this organic lamp which is available from our friends at Ocean Offerings.   The lamp is accented with a natural burlap shade and is embellished with black wood accents.  What a showpiece this table lamp would be in YOUR coastal-inspired home design.

Oyster Shell Table Lamp from Ocean Offerings

This Deep Turquoise Retro Beach Lamp would be gorgeous in a beach house. Available from Caron’s Beach House and you can save 10% on it by using coupon code: March14 if you order this week!

5 Coastal Lamps to Light Up Your World from Carons Beach House

Coastal Style Gifts offers this delightful Octopus Shade Table Lamp and the added bonus is that you receive a set of 2. This is a modern lamp with a octopus shade over a glass base which offers a refreshing classic coastal elegance.

Octopus Shade Table Lamp

Pottery Barn’s Kona Ambient Table Lamp creates a glowing seascape in your living spaces. It looks like an illuminated sea urchin — how fun is that?

Pottery Barn lamp

Brighten up your room with this nautical lamp from Ocean Styles!  This Seahorse Table Lamp will surely bring warmth and charm to your home or office. The size and colors of this lamp will be a great match for your nautical decor whether you live in the city or near the beach.

Seahorse Lamp from Ocean Styles

Which one is your favorite Coastal Table Lamp?

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage

Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage


Octopus Chandeliers — yep, you read that right!  Philadelphia, PA artist and photographer, Adam Wallacave creates “Shiny Monsters” which some beach home enthusiasts might enjoy – and some may not.  Adam has been featured in The New York Times and created chandelier masterpieces for the rich and famous.  These beautifully creative chandeliers are true pieces are art.

“He originally designed a chandelier for his “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”-themed living room, mixing baroque styling with creepily realistic details like suction-cup-lined arms. The fixtures are handmade with epoxy clay or cast in plaster.” ~ Armed & Glamorous

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage 2

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage 4

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage 3

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage 7

Coastal Beach House Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage 8


For chandelier inquires, contact JonathanLeVineGallery.com

White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Crazy for Capiz Shell Lamps

Contemporary Dining Room by Minneapolis General Contractor REFINED LLC

A capiz shell lamp provides a favorite spot in your beach house with a soft, diffused light — perfect for the bedroom, den or library.  They used to cost thousands of dollars, but are now widely available at affordable prices.  Since capiz shells reflect light, some light fixtures don’t even have a light inside; they hang like chandeliers and get their glow from other light sources.  Here are some of our favorite designs, which one is your favorite?

Lotus Flower Chandelier

Price: $162.25 | Visit Store »

Worlds Away Croc Capiz Shell Ball Pendant

Price: $412.50 |  Visit Store »


White Capiz Shell Chandelier

Price: $138.00 | Visit Store »

Made Goods Gemma Chandelier

Price: $2,039.00 | Visit Store »

Venus Pendant Pink

Price: $423.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Pendant

Price: $199.00 | Visit Store »

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant, Gray

Price: $299.00 | Visit Store »

Capiz Shell Pendants in Dining Room

Website: http://www.meyerandmeyerarchitects.com

Cool Coastal-Blues Bedroom

Cool Coastal Blues

Hello, everyone! I’m so happy to be visiting with you here at Beach House Decorating with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a wonderful place to find lots of interior design inspiration including beautiful home décor ideas from folding screens to awesome coastal wall hangings and much more.

Today’s topic is about using an array of blue hues to give rooms near the sea and far away in the city a wonderful coastal vibe. From a large open living room to a jaunty bedroom for two, here are some of our favorite cool coastal blues. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me stop by for a few minutes.

~ Mari

Coastal Blues

In this lofty beamed living space, coastal blues are used sparingly to create a beautiful end result. A few touches of turquoise are deftly integrated into a lovely neutral palette of white and soft sandy hues.

Coastal Blues

A sleek white kitchen serves as a blank canvas for splashes of watery blues, from pale to brilliant. A wonderful underwater blown out photograph fills one wall with color. Those contemporary pendant lights have me wanting to know more—what a gorgeous array of coastal blues.

Coastal Blues

From contemporary kitchen style, we turn to this vintage coastal cottage look. A blue gas range seems just perfect in this all white space. Two glimpses of pale blue can be seen on the counter to the right of the stove.

Coastal Blues

Denim blue and a sunny golden yellow infuse this coastal living room with color. It’s at once comfortable and stylish. I love the perfectly lined up yellow boxes on the shelves.

Coastal Blues

Subtle touches of sky blue blend beautifully with soft tans in this beach house family room. The patterned rug adds rhythm to the space; mimicking the movement of ocean waves. A blue Egg chair offers a cozy spot for reading. I’ve become a big fan of these wooden contemporary floor lamps—great color and shape.

Coastal Blues

This warm and inviting guest room is filled with iconic coastal cottage décor details. Maps of island regions of the world have been used to create beautiful and interesting walls. Blue and white stripes bring a nautical look to the bedding.

Coastal Blues

Crisp navy blue and white is mixed with lively textiles in a paler hue to bring an updated version of beach house style to this spacious master bedroom. Coastal wall art catches the eye above the tall navy headboard.

Coastal Blues

A wonderfully appealing blue gray is stunning in this beach house living room. The beautiful blend of blues, violets and grays in the fireplace stone is stunning.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these coastal blue spaces? Leave us your comments below and visit our blog for more home decor and lighting inspirations!