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living room with boat and oars

Nautical Home Interiors: Decorating with Oars


Scour your local flea markets, garage sales or antique stores for oars which can be used as nautical home decor! An oar is an implement used for water-borne propulsion. Oars have a flat blade at one end and oarsmen grasp the oar at the other end. The difference between oars and paddles are that paddles are held by the paddler, and are not connected with the vessel.  For thousands of years vessels were powered either by sails, or the mechanical work of oarsmen, or paddlers.  Now you can decorate with them!

This beach house living room features a sailboat and oars…many oars.  Numerous nautical collectibles add both whimsy and interest to the space.

living room with boat and oars

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nautical interior design with oars

Love the oars and simple color palette.

simple cottage color palette and oars

Re-purposed oars become a beach towel rack ~ what a great idea!

repurposed oars become a beach towel rack

 This home by the beach looks like the perfect place to cozy up with a good book.

Home by the beach with oars

 Use oars to decorate your exterior walls too!

oars as beach house decor

Oars and an old nautical chart on the wall are nautically-chic!

Oars and a old nautical chart on the wall

Oars as a shelving display are super-duper cute!

Oars as a shelving display

Oars and a driftwood sailboat along a beadboard wall = perfection!

Oars & Driftwood sailboat

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Traditional Nautical Dining Room Table Setting

Nautical Dining Room: Bring the Coast into Your Home


Bring the Coast into Your Home with Nautical Dining Room Design — It’s always interesting when you go to stay at a cottage by the sea to note how the owner has chosen to decorate their place. People on holiday are often inspired by the way the holiday home owner has chosen to furnish their house, and this encourages them to make changes when they get back home.

Often, people who own a place by the sea conform to the choices of light creams, blues and beiges, reflecting the sky, sea and sand of the local environment. Using this combination gives the impression that the whole place is fresh and clean, and there’s a feeling of the seaside being inside the home as well as all around it.

It’s the kind of look that you can also choose to take home with you, whether you live in the middle of the town or the countryside, but you’d probably be less likely to fill your suburban home with seaside associated ornaments such as boats and prints of Breton lighthouses.

However, if you really enjoy a nautically themed room, it is possible to do this away from the sea without it looking out of place. The dining room is a classic example.

Nautical Dining Room Desig

Dining Room design by New York Architect Workshop/apd

A dining room is often a little disconnected from the rest of the home, unless you happen to have one that is connected to the living room with an archway rather than a door.  Due to this standalone nature, you can make the dining room its own little world, picking a decorating theme that you enjoy, but that may not coordinate with the rest of your home.


Nautical Dining Room Desig

Traditional Dining Room design by New York Interior Designer Glenn Gissler Design

And if you love the nautical theme, that’s exactly what you could use in a dining room. For example, you could furnish it in the style of a ship’s dining room, using dark polished woods and accents of brass and glass to add light to the room.


Tropical Dining Room design by Other Metros Architect Barefoot Design Group, LLC


Nautical Dining Room Desig

Eclectic Kitchen design by Grand Rapids Interior Designer Dwellings

There are so many dining room sets to choose from today. Although there are lots of contemporary styles, for a nautical theme it’s probably best to stick to the highly polished dark wood furniture. Choose chairs for their comfort as well as their look – you want to be comfortable while sitting at a meal. It’s also important that you make sure your choice of table is practical as well as stylish. Find out how stain resistant and heatproof the surface of the table is before you make your purchase.


Nautical Dining Room Desig

Traditional Dining Room design by Other Metros Architect Barefoot Design Group, LLC

Nautical Dining Room Desig

Contemporary Dining Room design by Boston General Contractor Woodmeister Master Builders

If you’re looking for inspirational ideas for the dining room, look at the Harveys Furniture on YouTube to see the company’s latest home design inspirational videos.

Nautical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Planning the Perfect Nautical Bedroom


A strong and increasingly popular trend in both fashion and interior design, the nautical theme is one that can be easily recreated in any bedroom.

Bedroom eclectic

eclectic spaces design


If you’re looking for a design theme with a fresh yet calming feel, then nautical is the way to go and it is very easy to create for yourself.

To create the perfect nautical bedroom, the first thing you need to do is get the colour scheme right. Nautical themes should be all about blues, whites and creams, with a splash of sunshine yellow and aquatic green here and there.


Lettered Cottage Guest room traditional bedroom

traditional bedroom design by media and blogs The Lettered Cottage


There are several ways you can go about featuring these colours in your bedroom. You might want to find some new painted bedroom furniture in nautical colors or you might prefer to repaint existing furniture in colours that reflect the nautical theme.

If you choose to repaint your existing bedroom furniture, rather than buying new bedroom furniture, choose colours that reflect the nautical theme; think the seaside, beaches and sailing, and choose paints in blues, whites and yellows.


Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom

mediterranean bedroom design by little rock interior designer Tobi Fairley


Be careful not to chip or spoil your painted furniture once you have finished, by allowing the paint to dry thoroughly. And bear in mind that you can combine repainted furniture with some new items to create a great bedroom that doesn’t cost the earth but still looks like it’s had a makeover.

As well as choosing colors and furniture which reflect the nautical theme, you can add finishing touches with patterns and designs inspired by sailing and the sea. For example, anchor wallpaper or carpeting can create a wonderfully nautical feel.


RGN Construction contemporary bedroom

contemporary bedroom design by seattle general contractor RGN Construction

You can also top off the nautical look in your bedroom by picking up individual and quirky items from second hand stores or online, such as compasses, globes and maps – think Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook and add some fun elements to your bedroom’s interior!


Nautical Boys Room traditional kids

traditional kids design by detroit home staging The Yellow Cape Cod

Have a great day!



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High Tied The Coastal Collection Giclee

{Design Idea!} Use Authentic Brass Cleats

Brass cleats from boats can become the perfect beach cottage home accent.  Use for book ends, wall hooks or art projects; the possibilities are endless.  We have a few just sitting on our beach cottage library shelves; however we’re inspired to use them somewhere else now….hmmmm.  Maybe wall hooks in the master bath renovation?


“I’ll admit I couldn’t tell you the difference between starboard and port side, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a hint of nautical flair. Adding some boat-inspired hardware to a home is an easy and inexpensive way to reference the salty smell of seaside air along with memories of summer days spent on the water. And it’s more unexpected (and far less heavy-handed) than a room swathed in nautical flags, anchor motifs and the like.”

  ~ Lily Gahagan – Assistant Editor, Houzz.com


Vintage Cast Iron Dock Cleat Rustic Decor by honeystreasures

Reclaimed Wood Towel/Coat Rack with Boat Cleats by DocksideCottage

XTra Large Boat Cleat Plank Frame with a by ProjectCottage on Etsy

Our sponsor, OurBoatHouse.com, offers a beautiful selection of authentic brass cleats in four lengths.

Authentic-Brass Cleats

…and our sponsor, The Coastal Collection, offers a sepia-tone collection of boat cleats, ropes and other nautical artwork.

Nautical Decorating: Living Room Design Idea

{Beach Cottage Decor} Nautical Living Room Ideas

A nautical theme is a popular choice for decorating any room in the home, and it really is no wonder why many people choose a nautical theme. Those who love the ocean shore want to bring the beauty and mystique of the seaside into their homes with beautiful wall hangings, lighthouses, and ocean-themed accessories. Decorating with a nautical theme brings the memories of special vacations home, and it is a way to replicate the splendor of the ocean shore in one of the most popular rooms in the home.

Consider the following ideas for decorating a living room with a nautical theme, and bring the memories of the ocean shore into your home.



Wall Color Suggestions

When decorating a living room with a nautical theme, opt for coastal colors such as sea foam green or pale blue. They are popular color choices for beach homes, and whether you live along the coast or in a city high-rise, the colors of the coast will help turn your living room into the nautical getaway you have always wanted.

Alternately you can choose neutral wall colors such as sandy beige, seashell tan, or sand dollar white for walls. An indeterminate palate will go well with all sorts of nautical accessories including colorful beach glass displays, seashells, and bright citrus beachside colors. Many different colors and nautical-themed items will go well with neutral walls, and this is an excellent choice for living room walls no matter your taste or preference in nautical-themed décor.


Throw Rug Ideas

Whether floors are wood or carpeted, throw rugs add a decorative touch as well as an added measure of protection. When decorating a living room with a nautical theme, consider choosing sisal or seagrass rugs. They are ideal for a living room with a nautical theme since they are made of natural fibers that provide texture and style. Best of all, sisal rugs and seagrass rugs are as durable as they are decorative, and they will provide many years of use.

Metal Wall Art

A nautical-themed living room would not be complete without coastal wall art. Fine works of art designed from metal add three-dimensional design and appeal to living room walls, and the choices are many. Consider choosing a lifelike metal replica of a large ocean fish, a school of tropical fish in a stunning contemporary style, or a majestic metal sailboat. Turn a chosen piece of metal wall art into the focal point of the room, and decorate around it with metal candle lanterns to create a striking display.

Ideas for Tabletop Accessories

Save money by making tabletop accessories with various treasures found on the beach, and if you do not have access to seashells, colorful beach glass, and beautiful polished stones, look for them in your local craft store. Craft stores are a great source for nautical accessories. Fill a large clear glass vessel with alternating layers of small shells, beach glass, and shiny polished stones. This simple display will look incredible as a centerpiece on a coffee table, on a side table, or on a living room shelf.

Another idea for a stunning tabletop display can be made using a large clear glass bowl, floating candles or fishing floats, and flat glass marbles. Cover the bottom of the clear glass bowl with flat blue or green glass marbles, and fill the bowl three-fourths from the top with distilled water. Add floating candles in a nautical theme or colorful fishing floats. This tabletop display will add considerable color and interest to your nautical-themed living room unlike anything you will find in a store.


Think back to vacations at the beach and what inspired you to choose a nautical theme for your living room. Take what you appreciate most about your visits to the beach, and along with the aforementioned ideas, turn your living room into a nautical abode. With seaside inspiration and creative decorating accents, you can transform your living room into a nautical-themed room typically found in a comfortable seaside resort.

Jessica Ackerman is an accomplished author and senior writer for Wall Decor and Home Accents. She has a strong background in interior design, and she provides unique wall decorating tips and ideas. Visit the website for more creative ways to display large wall decor , wrought iron wall art , architectural pieces, and sconces.

Photos via Beach Cottage Design Ideas on Pinterest!


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