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How to Clean and Polish your Seashells!

how to clean and polish shells
“Seashells can be used as accessories in a home, but they must be cleaned properly first.  You must remove all sand, dirt, and other yucky stuff before putting them on display.”  Click on the Discovered link for the how to!

Discovered on Interior Design Info!

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Nautical Beach Living Room!

nautical beach house inspiration
We love this nautical beach living room! From the oars, to the cozy couch and chairs.  I especially love the view!!

Discovered on Impressive Interior Design!

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Beach Cottage Living Room!

beach cottage living room
I love the clean lines and crispness of this beach cottage living room!  I’d probably go with a white coffee table rather than black.  Loving the big sailboat too!!

Discovered on Decor Pad!

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