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New Coastal Gifts from The Seashell Collection!

candle holders
Honeycomb Glass Tealight Candle Holder
starfish decoration
Starfish Decoration

Find more coastal goodies at The Seashell Collection!!

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Fun Gifts From Just Beachy!

beach decor tray
Beach Decor Tray! Perfect for entertaining or displaying shells! 
vintage fishing floats
Authentic Japanese Fishing Glass Floats! 

Find more beach goodies at Just Beachy Now on Etsy!!

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5 Ways to Freshen-Up Your Bedroom!!

relaxing bedroom ideas
“Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is the first step for creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Blue, whether it’s a light, powdery shade or a deep navy, is a great color for bedrooms. Other soothing shades for bedrooms are blue-tinted purples, grays, and browns.” 

Discover this and more at Pure Home!!

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Coral & Aqua Color Palette!

coral and aqua color pallette
“Fresh and invigorating, this vibrating palate of corals and turquoises is a contrasting mix of brights.”

Discovered on The Distinctive Cottage! 

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Welcome Island Creek Designs!!

Welcome to the Nautical Cottage Family! It’s Island Creek Designs! 

sand dollar corner bracket

Sand Dollar Corner Bracket

coastal stair risers
Check out these amazing Stair Risers!!
mermaid wall decor
We adore this Mermaid Wall Decor!
Blue Crab Seahorse Sand Dollar & Starfish Panel

Blue Crab Seahorse Sand Dollar & Starfish Panel

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Discovered on Island Creek Designs!

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DIY Seashell Candles!!

diy beach seashell crafts

We love candles and seashells so why not put them together?  We came across this easy DIY for seashell candle making. Enjoy!!

Discovered on DIY Louisville! 

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