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Tips for a Family Beach Day!!

tips for a great family beach day
“There’s something about the smell of fresh air and sound of waves that instantly relaxes the soul.  A day at the beach with friends or family can be loads of fun.” 

Discovered on H2O Bungalow!!

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Coastal Galore at The Green Eyed Turtle!

wire wrap sea glass mermaid

Wire Wrap Sea Glass Mermaid

whimsical sailboat wreath

Whimsical Sailboat Wreath

Discover these and more coastal goodies at The Green Eyed Turtle!!

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Tropical Palm Tree Decor!

artificial phoenix palm tree
This amazing Artificial Phoenix Palm Tree makes a statement in this tropical living room!!  We love the shells, candles and bright colors used!

Discovered on Evergreen Direct!!

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Shells Galore at Loving Coastal Living!!

sea biscuit chunky sand dollar
Sea Biscuit Chunky Sand Dollar!
baby flat scallop shells
Baby Flat Scallop Shells!
Get these and more!!!

Discovered on Loving Coastal Living!!

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DIY Nautical Door Hanger!!

DIY Nautical Door Hanger
This is such a great idea!!  “Sometimes I buy cheaper stuff and then end up spending more to get the real thing in the end.  Sometimes I buy the cheaper stuff and it really works out.  It’s just a big gamble around here.  Today I am going to share one of the bargains I found at T.J. Maxx and how I made it more me.  Meet my new coastal nautical door hanger, with a monogram no less!”

Discovered on Slightly Coastal!! 

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Home Decor from Cathy’s Coastal Creations!

sugar starfish

Sugar Starfish!

wisdom from the ocean sign

Wisdom from the Ocean Sign!

Discovered on Cathy’s Coastal Creations!! 

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