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Cape Haven Handmade Beachy Bags!

cape haven bags
Set of 9 Linen Bags! Perfect for Bridesmaids gifts, Makeup or Jewelry!
cape haven personalized bags

We do personalized & monogram bags too! 

cape haven bridal party bags

Set of 4 4×6 Linen Bags!

With a studio located by the beach on San Juan Island in Washington state, Cape Haven Designs was created to bring a fun beach style to all items we can dream up.  Our hand crafted bags are designed with natural materials in mind, like linen and cotton, and we can’t resist all the bright colors like turquoise and fuchsia that remind us of hot southern California beaches.  We strive to make relaxed yet beautiful products that will be used and loved for years.  Every bag we make includes the option to be personalized with our huge selection of fun charms and hand-stamped name or initials.  That means every bag is a one-of-a-kind creation designed by our customers!  You might be assuming our bags sound a little expensive… you won’t believe how many styles are under $20 fully customized!

Our flip-flop logo represents the carefree attitude we enjoy.  All our products are manufactured in our own Seattle area production shop.

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Home at Beach Retail Store in Long Beach Washington

Home at the Beach for Coastal Home Decor


I’m picky…yep, I said it! What am I picky about?  My beach house decor stores!  What happened to cause this reaction in me, well for starters I use to own a retail gift shop so I know the effort it takes to run one on a day-to-day basis.  The second reason is because I live in a beach town where kitschy nautical gifts are the standard fair. Last but not least, I’m a DIY gal so if it isn’t a cherished gift, hand-me-down or handmade by me then it’s probably not in my home.

…which brings us to today’s article about Home at the Beach.  Yes, I have a “home at the beach” however this is actually the name of my favorite Long Beach, WA. coastal home decor store!  This store checks all my boxes in a positive way and I wholeheartedly approve of the job their doing.  Their store is a 25 minute drive south of my home (which in these parts is nothing!) and I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured into this amazing and friendly coastal home decor store.  The owners let me visit with them last month and I had a wonderful time taking photos and chatting with them about their venture.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Owners, Karyn Zigler and Kathy Mathews, share a passion for excellence… and it shows in everything they do! From the moment you walk through the doors of Home at the Beach, you feel warm and welcomed.  A beautiful smile, warm greeting and extraordinary home decor does it every time!  Kathy is an accomplished artist and has graced one of the store’s walls with a welcome beach scene.  The scenery immediately draws you right into their coastal home store and sets the mood for the uplifting experience that you’re going to have.  There are recycled furniture pieces by Kathy for sale throughout the store too.

Home at the beach retail store in  long beach washington

Although small in square footage, Home at the Beach, is chock full of merchandise from numerous decorating categories, but all with a Northwest Coastal feel!  It’s quite apparent that products are displayed with true artistic flair and special thought has gone into each display.  Although bursting with coastal home accents, the stores floor plan doesn’t feel crowded, which I personally love.   I can also guarantee that you’re not going to find any “kitchy” gifts here.  Karyn and Kathy have tastefully selected coastal decor and art pieces for your enjoyment.

Mermaid Coastal Beach House Lamp

If you are in search of coastal lamps, handmade pottery, furniture, glassware, local handmade art, pillows or just gorgeous coastal home decor then Home at the Beach has it!

Home at the beach retail store in  long beach washington

Handmade Octopus Bowl

Home at the beach retail store in  long beach washington


One of my favorite store sections is the wondrous pieces of Beach Jewelry which they offer.  See the starfish necklace pictured below? (top right of the collage).  Yeah, it’s pretty fabulous so I had to take it home with me!

Home at the beach long beach washington

Home at Beach jewelry

One of the main reasons for my visit to Home at the Beach is their one year anniversary celebration AND the official opening of their design center.  That’s right, these ladies are multi-talented!  They not only have one of the most beautiful coastal home retail shops around, but they are also interior designers with a full-service design studio.

Home at the beach interior design center in  long beach washington

Karyn & Kathy saw a need for this type of design service as numerous retail customers kept asking for interior design advice.  The rest is history and a new business division was formed!  The ladies are great at selecting carpet and tile, however they really excel at assisting homeowners with finishing touches.  “We’re great at suggesting how to pull a room together.”  The ladies keep busy as they travel to local homes for design estimates and customers now have the opportunity to do some shopping and come relax in the design center directly.  Carpet, floor, wallpaper and ceramic tile samples abound and more samples are coming soon.

If you currently reside in SW Washington or the North Coast of Oregon, I can attest to the fact that it’s well worth the drive to visit this store and interior design center.

Home at the beach

Local residents and visitors have the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary and design center opening this weekend!

Home at the Beach Open House

Saturday, July 13, 2013 between Noon – 4 PM   

Refreshments, artists & a clown are all a part of the festivities!! 

Home At The Beach
618 Pacific Avenue South, Long Beach, WA 98631

p.s. Join Home at the Beach on Facebook for LOTS of beautiful coastal-inspired designs as well as products for sale.


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway

Serenity by the Sea


Ready for a little getaway?  Serenity by the Sea is a nautical and romantic getaway in the Pacific Northwest.   This cozy getaway boasts a full kitchen, living room, dining area, bedroom and bath that is almost 900 sq. ft.   You’ll enjoy divine water views of Guemes Channel, Skyline Marina and Burrows Bay that abound from this second story guest quarter.

Serenity by the Sea is located in Anacortes, on beautiful Fidalgo Island, is the perfect place to stay because it offers easy access to the surrounding areas of La Conner, Whidbey Island (Coupeville, Oak Harbor & Deception Pass), and of course, the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Come RELAX , enjoy the views, walk nearby Washington Park, eat at great local restaurants, explore the islands! Serenity by the Sea is the gateway to your great get-away!


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Serenity by the Sea Beach Getaway


Book your stay at Serenity by the Sea today!

Hobbit House on Bainbridge Island in Washington

A Hobbit House on Bainbridge Island

Hobbit House on Bainbridge Island in Washington


A Bainbridge Island resident is building a 1,200 square foot hen house; which is a bit “hobbit like” in its appearance.  Chris Whited has previously built two cottages  on his large property so this is nothing new to him.



Mr. Whited got the idea for this structure while on a trip to Cannon Beach, OR.  He spotted a garden shed with an oddly sloped roof so when he got home, he decided to use the shed as a model for a very fancy chicken coop.

“The result was a quaint henhouse with a curved roofline and neatly trimmed windows.” “The neighbors call it a hobbit house, among other things,” Whited said.

{Read more at the Bellingham Herald }

I hope you’re having a lovely day…life’s a beach!


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Beach House Tour San Juan Islands

Beach House Tour | San Juan Islands Retreat

The  San Juan Islands are part of the U.S. state of Washington (our home sweet home).  There are 172 islands in the archipelago, some little more than rocks, and there are over 300 miles of shoreline.  Six islands are accessible by passenger ferry and they are an important tourist destination.  Sea kayaking and orca whale-watching are popular attractions.


San Juan Islands


The islands are famous for their resident pods of Orcas; marine mammals including the River otter , Steller sea lions , Common minke whalesDall’s porpoise and other cetaceans.  These beautiful islands feature many vacation homes including today’s beach house tour; which is actually much more than just a house – it’s a compound!




The architects of the Nettly Wood compound made sure that it provided a place to come together as a family and several ways to retreat into small personal spaces.  The main house has four public areas which are arranged along a central axis – the kitchen, dining room, living room, and den.    The compound also features a master cabin, writer’s hut, guest cabin, barn, and picnic shelter – what more would you need?

Main Cabin Exterior

Main Cabin traditional exterior

Main Cabin Interior

Main Cabin traditional family room


Main Cabin traditional hall

Main Cabin traditional family room

traditional family room design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

“With an aesthetic that is at once both modern and timeless, our designs reflect a sense of place and emphasize the use of natural light and the relationship of the building to the landscape.” Which is probably exactly how anyone touring the San Juan Islands vacation home called Nettly Wood would describe the place. It is a home that is rich with expansive, inviting spaces to share — the dining area, the picnic shelters, acres of porches — and sprinkled with nooks that create mini-sanctuaries nearby.

“The client wanted a property where they could escape individually and collectively that provided the space for each of them to have their own space but that invited them all to gather for meals and shared activities,” says Steve Hoedemaker of Bosworth Hoedemaker.

Writer’s Hut

Writers Hut traditional home office

Stone counter tops are meant to wear with time.

Main Cabin traditional kitchen

traditional kitchen design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

Main Cabin traditional dining room

traditional dining room design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Cabin traditional bedroom


Guest Cabin Bath

Guest Cabin traditional bathroom


Guest Cabin traditional bathroom

Main Cabin traditional exterior


Picnic Shelter traditional patio

Learn more about the Nettly Wood Compound

and The San Juan Islands