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Nautical Inspired Bathrooms in Boca Raton!

Nautical Inspired Bathrooms in Boca Raton

If you are lucky enough to own a beach house in Boca Raton, Florida you undoubtedly enjoy your vacation time in your home. Whether you live full time in the Northeast and just winter in Boca chances are you try to get down to the beach every chance you get. If you have the luxury of living in Boca all year-round keeping your home beautifully maintained and decorated is always a top priority.

If you want to take on a complete remodel of the bathrooms in your beach house you will have to first find a plumber Boca Raton that can come down and look at your existing fixturing and piping before you focus on the décor and stylization elements of your project. Once you have this squared away you can focus on the fun part-home décor!

Your choices in home décor all depend on your own personal style and flair. You want your home to be comfortable and stylish with accents and themes that will remind you of the sun, the sea and the sand without looking like every other beach house on the block. Here are some of our ideas for decorating your beach house bathrooms.  

Your Bathrooms-Nautical Inspired Décor

Nautical décor can be inspired by a variety of different design elements. If you are love the idea of ships or sailboats you can focus your bathroom’s décor around that. You can utilize round bathroom mirrors that are reminiscent of portholes on a ship. You can add pops of bright red as an accent color to work off your navy blue and white primary color scheme. Your bathroom can be decorated with nautical accents like sailboats, and captain’s wheels, or you can throw in natural rope elements, like the ropes that sailors and their crews use to dock their boats after coming in from the sea.

Coral is another great way to decorate your bathroom if you aren’t a huge fan of navy and white. Coral colored and white hued walls can add glamour to your powder room. You can utilize golden accent pieces like starfish and seashells to add texture and interest to the room. Coral and white is a bit more feminine and can add a level of sophisticated style to your home. Coral works beautifully against white but you can mix it with other bright and sunny colors like yellows and greens to give it a supercharged, fun and playful look as well.

Pure white is a beautifully modern way to channel the summer time and the beach. You can always throw in gold accent pieces or brightly colored shower curtains and bathroom accessories if you want to give the room a pop of color without changing the entire room.  Add jute or bamboo or other raw materials as design elements to keep your pure white room feeling open, airy and extremely beachy. Adding hooks to your walls to hang your towels on along with woven baskets for your laundry will put the finishing touches on your white beach house bathroom.

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Decorating Your Tropical Bedroom!

tropical bedroom decorating
Who says that you can’t use fun and bright wall paper in your tropical beach home? I say jazz it up as much as possible! 

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5 Gorgeous Rooms with a Nautical Theme

Ahoy sailor! Bring out your love for the high seas in the growing trend of nautical themed decorating. Whether is your little boy’s nursery or your bathroom, there are ways to incorporate this classic look anywhere.

1. The essential colors

nautical room

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Red, white, and navy blue are the classic naval colors that you’ll want to use. Don’t forget about your neutrals such as woody browns and canvas creams when you put together your color palette. The great thing is that all these colors almost always go beautiful together with their high contrast bright hues.

  1. Shaping up

nautical bathroom

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Ships are known for their round windows. Bring that style into your bathroom with circle mirrors that feel just like a ship’s portholes. Another lovable thing about this bathroom are the lights and amazing cabinets. They really bring in the feeling of being in a ship from the wood to the details in the door knobs.

  1. Raise the mast

nautical living room

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This living room looks like the wow worthy captain’s cabins of a luxury liner. This room keeps the woodsy feel of a ship to bring together fun and classic. The ceiling looks like an upside down ship and the bar looks you could unfurl a sail and sail away in it! This room also incorporates other nautical essentials such as shop helms and those amazing lights that look like a starry sky.

  1. For the young adventurer

nautical boys bedroom

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This room just screams fun. The map for an accent wall brings something great color to the room and has the bonus of being educational. To maximize the continuity of the look, match rugs to bedsheets to accent pieces. The model sailboat really ties it all together into one central theme.

  1. Show it off

nautical man cave with sailboats

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Show off your love for sailing with a beautiful display as the backdrop of your ultimate billiards room. To match the theme, keep the walls and ceiling decorated with wood panel as a nod to the wood that ships were made out. Port mirrors and rope bannisters on the staircase really make this room look like you’re playing pool at sea without the seasickness.

  1. Material overhaul

nautical distressed wood  room

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The nautical style is full of many textures and features a lot of natural fibers. Distressed wood brings a really organic feel. There are many chances to use upcycled pieces such as items made from driftwood or rope.

For more home design inspiration, please go to Modernize.com.

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Simple Coastal Christmas Decor!!

coastal christmas decor
Coastal decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be extravagant.  It can as simple as the above ideas!!  White starfish, a nice wreath and shells added to dining tables! 

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Fall Mantel with Aqua Accents!

decorating your fall mantle piece
Fall is officially here and the leaves are starting to change.  We came across this autumn mantle piece for fall with blue accents.  We love it!

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Shabby Cottage Bedroom Idea

The French Inspired Room - Time to Get Up, The Beach is Calling!

It’s time to get up, the beach is calling!  Dreamy whites are always lovely to decorate your beach cottage with. There is nothing about the ceiling tins,  chandelier, shabby door panels as a headboard that we don’t love! This beach house bedroom design is certainly casual and inviting!

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